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Test Report- Transformational culture with Mind maps and Int

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Boopathi guganathan

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of Test Report- Transformational culture with Mind maps and Int

Test Report- Transformational culture with Mind maps and Introduction to Prezi riding
Typical approach
What is Test Report?
Spreadsheet approach

Mind mapping
Test Report - Transformational culture with Mind maps and Introduction to Prezi

Boopathi Guganathan
Robert Bosch

Muthuraja Thangamariappan
Robert Bosch

Prezi riding
Alternative tool for presentation
Combining Mind map with Prezi


STeP-IN Summit 2015
July 2-3,Bangalore

“The opinions expressed in the following slides or orally explained during the
presentation are my personal views
and not those of my Organization”

Relatively insignificant until the beginning 1950-60s
Father of Mind mapping-Tony Buzan
Created a set of rules

Test Report for Mobile application
Take Away
A new way in Test reporting
Mind Mapping tool
New way in Presenting
Prezi presentations
A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information
Can be used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas
A diagram used to
organize information
understanding of a topic

Guidelines to create a Mind map
Start at the Center
Use Images and Pictures
Use One keyword per line
Use colors throughout
Connect Main Branch
Why Mind mapping?
Graphical tool, can be more memorable, enjoyable to create & review
Remembering information in a better way
Helps generate more ideas, deeper meaning to subject. Prompts to fill in more or find missing
Overview of a large subject & holding large amounts of information

Why Mind mapping?
Mimic the way our brains thinks
Generate ideas very quickly with this technique, Encouraged to explore different creative pathways
Solve problems more effectively


Tool used
Xmind 6

Thank You
Email: Geek.boopathi@gmail.com
Mind Map Attributes
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