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Benjamin Burnley

No description

Dylan Smith

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Benjamin Burnley

Year born
-Benjamin Burnley was born March, 10 1978 and still lives today.
Important Information
-Ben Burnley dropped out at 18.
-Burnley suffers from several phobias. In fact, an album was named for this reason.
-Ben loves video games, a song was created for Halo 2, along with others being featured in several games.
-His full name is Benjamin Jackson Burnley IV
-His father owned B.J. Burnley Company until his death, the company closed soon after.
-His band was influenced by Nirvana.
Place of Origin
-Ben was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey
-He grew up there and in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.
-After his drop out he went to Willkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
-In early days of him being a musician, he broke a microphone. The owner of the stage thanked "Benjamin for breaking my microphone." Thus giving the band its name.
-Ben dropped out of High School at age 18.
-He dropped out to pursue music as his occupation.
-He didn't go back to finish High School, nor to a college career.
Benjamin Burnley
Singer and songwriter of Breaking Benjamin
-Other than his father owning B.J. Burnley Company, his family life was pretty average.

Significant Achievements
-Burnley's band "Breakin Benjamin" has changed the face of rock/metal.
-Though not as much of an influence as Nirvana or The Beatles, they have left their mark.
-A new band, "We As Human", marks Breaking Benjamin as one of their greatest influences.
Benjamin Burnley Quotes
"Forever, and ever, the scars will remain."
"I know that I can find the fire in your eyes."
"I'm in a band, how smart can I be?"
"Is it over yet? I can't win."
"I see nothing in your eyes, the more I see, the less I like."
Song used: "Diary of Jane (Acoustic)" Breaking Benjamin
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