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Assisted Living Team Meeting

Wednesday 21st December 2011

Luke Doherty

on 8 February 2012

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Transcript of Assisted Living Team Meeting

Today's Agenda 1.Staff Introduction 1. Staff Introduction 3. Overview of 2012
so far Assisted Living Team Meeting - Wed 21st Dec 11 A BIG THANK YOU !
Have a Safe and Merry Christmas
Look forward to positive and successful 2012! Strategic Plan requires 50% of delivery to be online at the end of 2012 2. Overview-
Welcome to Assisted Living Team
1.4mil projected budget
Small Team of 6 at this stage- will
Podcasting, Screen Capture, ECHO 360, Social Media,
Prezi 5. Delivery Modes (cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio 7.Other Business 6.Kangan Branding 3. Overview of 2012 so far!
Disability Training- Courses, Days,
Aged Care & HACC- Courses, Days,
Duration 4. Linking to Strategic Planning
- Peter 4. Linking to
Strategic Planning 5.Delivery Modes 6. Kangan Branding 2. Overview 7. Other Business All slides and documents to have Kangan Branding Industry Training
Policy review - 6 pr 12 mths
Moonee Ponds Library
Rooms @ Moonee Ponds
We are in the black!
Moodle (MyKanganOnline)
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