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The Fall of Man & The Fall of Romance

No description

Hana Thixton

on 21 December 2014

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Transcript of The Fall of Man & The Fall of Romance

The Fall & The Rise
The Evolution of Romance in Art
Jupiter and Io
Perseus and Andromeda
Oropheus and Eurydice
The Rise
The Four Bees
The Velvet Ant
The Praying Mantis
The Fall
Striping Brush
Continuation of previous piece(s)
The Prelude to the "Three" Horsemen of the Apocalypse
The Four Saints
Book of Revelations
The Four Bees
The Seduction
Jupiter and Io
Subject of many artists since Renaissance
Complicated love stories
Older = male gaze
"Recent" = romantic
Roman Gods and Romance
The False Prophet
The Lamb
The False Prophet and Lamb
The Rescue
Perseus and Andromeda
Book of Revelations
Roman Gods and Romance
Diana and Callisto
Jan van Eyck
Ghent Altarpiece

"Jupiter and Io"
"Perseus Freeing Andromeda"
Peter Paul Rubens
"Orpheus and Eurydice"
Auguste Rodin
"Madonna Enthroned"
The Four Saints
The False Prophet
The Lamb
Velvet Ant
Juvenile Flower Mantis
"Ghent Altarpiece"
Jan van Eyck
The Separation
Oropheus and Eurydice
"Zeus and Ganymede"
Time for an Age of Renewal... for Insects
The Lion = St. Mark
The Ox = St. Luke

The Winged Man = St. Matthew
The Eagle = St. John
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