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Plant Cell Analogy

Bio class project

stephanie soto

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Plant Cell Analogy

Cell Analogy: Plant Cell --> Beavers Bibliotech
By: Stephanie Soto Cell Wall Brick Walls: like the cell wall, the brick walls surrounding the bibliotech, protect what’s inside, gives it it's rectangular structure, and supports it. Cell Membrame: Ms. Wolf: Ms. Wolf regulates what books are checked in and out of the bibliotech, just like the cell membrane regulates what goes in and out of the cell. Ms. Wolf also supports her students. Pillars:The pillars in between sections of the bibliotech prevent it from collapsing much like how the cytoskeleton prevents the cell from collapsing. Computer Database: The nucleus stores DNA(code for life), the computer database in the bibliotech stores all the information about the books, students, and teachers(all that makes up the bibliotech). In other words the genetic code for the bibliotech is found in that computer database section of the bibliotech. Wifi Airport: The endoplasmic reticulum transports proteins and ribosomes to the cell. The computer is connected to a network. The wifi is what allows the students to connect to the bibliotech database. Therfor the wifi is the bridge between the database and the students. Nucleus Endoplamic Reticulum Cytoskeleton Chloroplast Help Desk: Chloroplast provides the cell with energy from the sun. The same way that the help desk provides its students with help from their own knowledge. The chloroplast is what makes the plant green(photosynthesis), the same way that the tech help desk is only found in bibliotechs. Other regular libraries do not have techs. Golgi Apparatus Pat’s Office/Pat: The gogli apparatus controls the import and export of protein(UPS). Pats office is like the UPS center in the library. Pat packages computers, fixes them, and then sends them out to teachers. She controls what teachers get computers and she keeps track of what computers come in from teachers. Mitochondria Students: The mitochondria takes the food produced from the chloroplast and turns it into starch. The students take the help from the help desk/techs and produce their projects. The mitochondria is like the powerhouse. The students are the powerhouse of the bibliotech. Without the students there would be no bibliotech. Data Closet: The vacuole stores the water. It is essentially a big storage center. It is only found in plants. It’s why plants can soak in water and not explode. The Data closet stores all the computers, computer ink, old books, anything that needs to be stored is put in the data closet. If not, there would be tech things all over the bibliotech. Large Vacuole Ribosomes The books are the proteins in the library. The books have the information that the nucleus codes for. The ribosomes are also found everywhere much like how the books in the library are found everywhere. Cytoplasm Library floor: The cytoplasm holds everything together. It was liquid that is all over the cell. The floor holds the bibliotech together and without it the organelles would just fall. Lysosome(rare)*** Book return: The lysosome digest old cell parts.
The books used by students get returned back to library for more use. The nucleolus produces ribosomes(rna), thereofor the nucleolus would the the companies that makes the books found in the bibliotech. Nucleolus Citations:

Class Notes

Thank You!! Transport Vesicle DUmwaiter/Push Carts:
The vesicle transports proteins throughout the cell. The dumbwaiter and the push carts in the library transport the books to different levels of the bibliotech and to different areas.
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