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No description

Hala Al-Hafez

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Resume

Bachelor of Science Honors Majoring in Biology and Biotechnology
Sept. 2009-June 2013
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
• Graduated with a CGPA of 11.23/12.
• Was awarded the Senate Medal for outstanding academic achievements.
• Was awarded the Betty Nesbitt Memorial award which is given to a
student, who in the opinion of the Department has shown exceptional promise
in the field of biology.
• Has been a Dean’s Honors List Recipient throughout all my undergraduate years.
Hala Al-Hafez
Hala Al-Hafez
1591 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
It's a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder.
-Sheryl Sandberg

High School Diploma
Sept. 2005-June 2009
Thamer International School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Was selected valedictorian.
Graduated first in the Class of 2009.
Have managed to keep a straight A+ average.
High school syllabus included the internationally recognized qualification exams,
Sales Representative
Apotex, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Aug.-Sept. 2013
Worked with an experienced sales representative in calling and meeting with potential costumers.
Developed excellent skills in building relationships and earning the trust of clients.
Promoted for the company’s products while attending medical conferences across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Residence Fellow
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada Aug.-April 2010-2012
Lived on a first year floor and acted as a student mentor, leader and peer counselor.
Developed persuasive communication skills through selling for fund raisers and residence events.
Established team player and leadership skills through coordinated planning of interactive programs for the residence community.
Developed strong interpersonal relations with floor and house residents.
Provided appropriate resources and assistance to students for their successful transition to university life.
Completed paperwork such as weekly logs, incident reports, and work orders needed for organizational purposes.
Sales Manager
Balmour Productions, Ottawa, Canada Jan. 2013-Present
A board member of Balmour Productions, a group that writes, directs and performs theatrical plays and dances in Canada.
Managed a sales team and was responsible for building a good rapport with the team and scheduling of sales shifts in different locations.
Developed fun and creative ways of reaching out and promoting our events.
Maintained enthusiasm and energy during the weeks of sales in order to encourage people to come out and attend events.
Sold 90% of the tickets available which surpassed previous sales records.
Sales team, working hard
and staying enthusiastic
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada Sept. 2012-April 2013
Instructed over 180 students in a biotechnology course through responding to questions, marking assignments, midterms and final exams.
Set up first year chemistry experiments prior to the class.
Facilitated and supervised the experiments during class, answered lab questions and marked lab reports.
Canadian Creative Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia June-Aug. 2011
Had three classes of 12-17 children age 9-13 who knew minimal English.
Demonstrated taking initiative and responsibility by using interactive means of teaching, preparing midterms and weekly quizzes.
Advanced my outgoing and patient nature through working with children.
Teacher's Assistant
English Teacher
Microbiology Lab
Dr Efran and Bagedo Hospital Laboratories, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia May-July 2010
Inoculation of various medical samples on media dishes, gram staining and recording data.
Prepared samples to be used for commercial kits used by the hospital.
Team Captain
Relay For Life Cancer Fundraiser Jan.-Mar. 2011&2012
• Created a team representing Residence Life Staff to fund raise for the annual Relay for Life event at Carleton.
• Planned and executed several events to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society such as bake sales, yoga, short film festival, multicultural night, henna night, Valentine Candy grams and ping pong tournaments.
Independent Tutor
Tutored high school Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English.
Is a registered tutor at the Carleton library and the Paul Menton Center for students with disabilities.
Is able to simplify and convey complex information.
Camp Supervisor
My Little Village School, Damascus, Syria June-Aug.2008 & 2009
Was responsible for the safety of a group of children attending summer camp.
Accompanied students to their respective activities and took part in some.
Helped in planning and organizing field trips.
Possess strong public speaking skills.
Adaptable and a fast learner.
Acquired techniques for working well under pressure.
Capable of taking charge and responsibility.
Possess drive, motivation and seen as a person who doesn’t accept “No” for an answer.
Emergency First Aid, CPR Level A.
CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention) Certification.
Teach beginner salsa with a team of intermediate dancers.
Choreographed multiple dances for the opening acts of the Balmour Productions plays.
Improve by going to weekly classes.
Dance a variety of dances such as salsa, tango, belly and hip hop.
Was involved in multiple plays written by Balmour Productions.
Currently working on writing my own theatrical performance.
Stage Makeup
Our first Show
Have been playing piano since I was 6.
Completed up to grade 5 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music exams.
Performed multiple times for my instructors events.
Event Planning
Fitness Classes
My choreography
A performance
Grade 10 awards
Benedict's Test for Reducing Sugars
-Biology Lab
First Year Chemistry
Dean's Honor List Reception
Testing detergent
antibacterial ability
Advertising Kim wipes
Thesis poster presentation
RLS Team
Ping pong tournament
Made matching sweaters for my floor
Took my floor to the butterful show
Chemistry Experiments
Last day of class
Relay for life-yr1
Relay for life-yr2
Fun between activities
Practice makes perfect
Performing at the British Embassy
L'ecole Francaise performance
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