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Tips For Saving Money

No description

Victor Jaramillo

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Tips For Saving Money

House and Utilities
Tips For Saving Money
In College

Family Secrets
use as little water and electricity as possible, both cost a lot of money
Books and Supplies
Only buy necessary books
Make sure you know what supplies to buy beforehand
Buy from stores that sell cheap
Ask someone for supplies if they don't need them
Borrow supplies from someone
Food & Snacks
Dollar Store
Wait for the clothes to go on sale
Recreation and Entertainment
take the bus
ride a bike
get up and walk
take a train (if available)
get a ride from a friend
By Victor Jaramillo
Cody Ott
Gabriel Garcia

Switch to Fluorescent light bulbs, they use 65-75% less energy. They also land 10 times longer.
If you feel like 78ºF is too hot in the summer, try using your ceiling fan to create a wind chill effect, allowing you to raise the thermostat setting about 4°F with no reduction in comfort.
Unplugging appliances will also save you money.
Make sure you clean coils of your AC at least twice a year, straightening them out while you’re at it.
And if you feel like the dryer is taking forever to get your clothes nice and warm, double check to make sure the lint catcher is empty. Sometimes even a few times during one cycle. You won’t believe how much faster things dry. Also, be sure to clean your air filters once a year and check to make sure your home’s insulation isn’t pulling away in any spots
Go to a friend's house
read a book
go outside and play sports
get a cheap or free-of-cost hobby
watch television
Check online or in advertisements in newspapers to see when stores will have sales
Only Buy what You Need Not what You Want
Creative Gifts
Dollar General:
Its first California stores made it a coast-to-coast chain. Dollar General Market stores, with more fresh produce, meat, and dairy, are opening in at least 110 locations by year’s end. Its revamped site has new merchandise, coupons, grilling tips, and more.

You do not need fifty hats or twenty scarfs
Buy Online
Most of the time it will be cheaper plus you get a coupon code with your purchase.
Family Dollar:
Its stores have bigger grocery sections, plus thousands of new products, including food and health and beauty items. You’ll also find Redbox kiosks.
Dollar Tree:
The chain has more freezer and refrigerator cases with lots of new food in its regular stores, plus Dollar Tree Market Stores that are twice the size of the typical store and sell groceries.
Cash Only!!!
Using credit cards leads to temptation so you will end up buying more than what you can afford
99 cents only:
Club 99 is a new bulk- sales program. Join in stores or sign up online and you can buy cases of products and have them shipped free for pickup at any store. The chain is now running contests and promotions. For example, you can design a reusable bag and win a shopping spree, or be among the first nine shoppers at a grand opening and buy a 22-inch flat-screen TV for 99 cents.
Learn How to Sew
Fix your own clothes so that you don't have to buy new ones every time they get a tiny rip
Buy a variety of chips, candy, pretzels, etc for under a dollar
Buy in Bulk
Wholesale Corporation is a membership-only warehouse club that provides a wide selection of merchandise
Gift cards:
They are easily affordable( most of the time).

Make a card
Bake something homemade
Buy a poster of their favorite person
Get them a book that they really like
make a deposit to yourself and save enough to pay your your expenses
Go to Costco and buy the the larger portions. Its a bit more expensive but it will last longer
Get the generic version of the product
Their cheaper than the original product and in most cases taste similar enough that you won't tell the difference
Two meals for the price of one
Look for Clearance Items
If its about to expire its usually 50% off
Movie Theater
Cheap and entertaining
Go for a walk in a park. Its free and fun
Go to the Super Markt with your SO
Buy some food and then cook and eat a meal together
Save a portion of every paycheck you receive so that you have money in case of an emergency
Don't buy any unnecessarily junk food just the right amount
Creative Date
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