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Senior Personal Budget Project

No description

Morgan Farrar

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Senior Personal Budget Project

Monthly Budget Basics What I Learned I learned that it's important to have a budget because you want to have a spending plan to prioritize certain expenses such as housing, food, and car expenses over entertainment.

A budget also keeps track of where, when, and how much money you spent. It also keeps you from wondering where all of your money went at the end of the month. Most importantly, this will help you to stay out of debt. Monthly Budget Graph Yearly Income and Taxes Works Cited Apartment Information Vehicle Information 2008 Mazda 6 http://www.asha.org/careers/professions/slp/ http://swz.salary.com/SalaryWizard/speech-pathologist-Salary-Details-Rahway-NJ.aspx http://www.paycheckcity.com/calculator/netpay/us/new%20jersey/result.html http://www.sansoneshyundai.com/preowned/index.cfm/action/view_2008_mazda_mazda6/vehicle/1YVHP80C685M34195/# http://static.cargurus.com/images/site/2010/01/31/00/23/2008_mazda_mazda6_i_sport_sport-pic-7392815022974695327.jpeg http://www.apartments.com/New-Jersey/Roselle-Park/Sunrise-Village/736130?searchCriteria=SDL5yXelFQ1CSmoiSWBpNSe5v-|CnKUulwfQllo7tZ1MpaSckHoZiMFejPrxDW6fnZaUcJQFGiIxce9x6XLBQyW9RVhXwzMS8-|InLl05NFwpWgAOKkt5vonsNBSF1CV7Y4TjAqJHH6J8tKLeKFQo6mr-|HtRcu67JCItg3CJ6qA41Ysh5CMt9rBQC-|cbB5RTAE/idzPR9/Z6Y=&sid=0999af4c-3845-4fc7-80d4-6cf31859160e&stype=CityStateOrZip Sunrise Apartments – 1 bedroom
$1000 monthly including heat, water, and gas
145 Jerome St.
Roselle Park, NJ 07204 Yearly Gross Pay - $67,395 Morgan Farrar
Speech-Language Pathologist
Evaluate, diagnose, and provide therapy for speech, language, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders.
Rahway, NJ Monthly Gross Pay - $5,616.25 Monthly Net Pay - $3,912.42 Housing and Living
Costs Senior Personal Budget Project Morgan Farrar Banking Miscellaneous http://www.amortization-calc.com/#loan-40000-15-6.8-1-2013-2 Student Loan - $40,000/15 years/6.8% interest
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