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616 B.C.E

No description

Katherine Rudolph

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of 616 B.C.E

700 B.C.E.
"Rise of the Roman Republic"
In 616 B.C.E the Estruscans had all the power and ruled in Rome. Also, at this time Rome was divided into 2 classes. A upper class called patricians, and a lower class called the plebeians.
Finally, in 494 B.C.E. the plebeians got angry because they had no power, so they marched to a hill nearby and camped their. Without the plebeians Rome was in a crisis. The patricians then compromised with the plebeians.

The 12 Tablets
In 451 B.C.E. the plebeians demanded that the patricians write down laws so they could not change them by their own will. The laws were written down on 12 tablets. The patricians agreed that this was fair.
In 287 B.C.E. the plebeians gained rights to pass laws for all roman citizens. Also, the plebeians won their fight of equality too.

616 B.C.E.
0 B.C.E.
509 B.C .E.
494 B.C.E.
In 509 B.C.E. the patricians drove out the last Estruscan king. Instead of a king the patricians created a republic.
A Estruscan King
Rome in a Crisis
451 B.C.E.
287 B.C.E.
The plebeians marching to a hill.
The 12 tablets
I think that the most important change in the Roman Republic was when the plebeians demanded laws to be written down for many reasons. First, it would be unfair if one day suddenly a law changed. Maybe, you had no idea someone changed it. You would probably get in trouble if you did not follow the law. So when the patricians wrote down the laws on 12 tablets I think that was the most important change.
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