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Mallam Sile

No description

Sampson Williams

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of Mallam Sile

Mallam Sile
Man vs Society ; Culture
Sile being treaded very prouly by the village people.

Good vs Evil
The people in the village are mean to Sile but Sile treaded everyone with kindness.

Man vs Circumstance , Environment
Sile struggle to find the right woman for him.
Mallam is laying in his bed next to his wife Abeeba while all these question can to him about why everyone starting to treat him with such respect. But he don't try to answer them instead his begin to pray and thanks everyone for encouraging and accepting who he is. After that he grin than fall asleep next to his wife.
Internal External Conflict
internal conflict
Sile isn't treaded with respect and taking of advantage of by the street folks.

external conflict
the street folks are very cruel to Sile and take advantage of him.
Mood and Tone
In this section the mood is very joyful
Rsmadan = a month long religious durimg daylight hours.

Man checher = what village people called Sile wife Abeeba after she fought and won against Samada

Allahu-Raheemu the Meriful One = is a god that Sile

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