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includes characters, plot summary, setting, climax,theme, and review of book

Brinda Narayanan

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Divergent

By: Veronica Roth
Science Fiction

Presentation By: Brinda Narayanan
The story Divergent takes place in futuristic Chicago. This city is divided into 5 factions, every committed to the development of a specific righteousness. On a designated day of each year, each of the 16-year-olds need to choose to which they will commit the rest of their lives after taking an aptitude test.
Abnegation is the faction that values the needs of others above the needs of oneself, selflessness. Members of Abnegation take over the public services in the city. The Abnegation part has broken and inconsistent streets. There are blurred yellow lines in the lanes and no stoplights. The houses are uniform and gray. Tris's home is dim and made of bond. It does have very many windows and one mirror in the upstairs passage. The yard is crabgrass and the post boxes are dull metal.
"The Selfless"
"Therefore I choose to turn away From my reflection, To rely not on myself But on my brothers and sisters," - Abnegation Manifesto
" The Honest"
The Candor Headquarters is inside the Merciless Mart. The Merciless Mart is enormous, it is no less than 18 stories tall and it contains a huge room lacking windows in which the Candor accumulate. The halls are built out of dark marble and the floors are enlivened with either dark marble and a white Candor image (scales) or the other way around. The Merciless Mart was once called "Merchandise Mart", in light of the real place in Chicago. Since just the letters MERC IS MART were left, a great many people began alluding it to "Merciless Mart" due to the Candor's merciless yet legitimate qualities.
"Dishonesty is rampant, Dishonesty is temporary, Dishonesty makes evil possible." - Candor Manifesto
" The Intelligent"
The Erudite live not as much as a mile south of the Navy Pier. The Erudite individuals live in huge stone structures that disregard the swamp. The focal building is a library. The library has the primary room which is enormous, quiet, and odors like dust-shrouded pages. It has a wood-paneled floor that squeaks. There are cabinets lining the dividers loaded with books, and PCs on tables in the inside of the room. There is a vast representation on the divider with a photo of Jeanine. Underneath her photo is a vast plaque that peruses 'KNOWLEDGE LEADS TO PROSPERITY'. Situated crosswise over from the library. It used to be a recreation center, and is currently a stretch of exposed area with a few rusted metal figures. One of them is a theoretical, plated mammoth, the other is formed like a colossal lima bean. Jeanine's office is situated within the library. The dividers are made of glass. There is a little metal work area with a window behind it that sits above the city.
"Knowledge is the only logical solution to the problem of conflict." - Erudite Manifesto
"The Brave"
This is the faction Tris chose. When she first went to dauntless she had to go the headquarters. The headquarters is located far from town. There is an entry that requires jumping down into a hole through the roof of a building , it is seven stories high. The ceilings slope, and the walls are made of stone. The tunnels that make up the hallways are lit in long intervals, creating large dark spaces. The main part of the Dauntless headquarters is called the pit. It is a Large underground cavern with uneven rock walls that rise several stories high. Built into the stone walls are places for food, clothing, supplies, and leisure activities. Narrow paths and steps are carved from rock and connect each place. The roof is made of glass panes. Above the panes of glass is a glass building that lets light into the Pit. There are blue lanterns dangling at long intervals above all the stone paths that grow brighter as the sunlight dies. The path have no railings and are narrow. Next is the chasm, it is their to remind the Dauntless members that there is a fine line between bravery and idiocy. Their are also small areas like the dining hall, dorms, bathroom, arena, training area, medical area, simulation room, tattoo parlor, four's apartment, fear landscape, dauntless control room, and hancock building.
"We believe that cowardice is to blame for the world’s injustices. We believe that peace is hard-won, that sometimes it is necessary to fight for peace." - Dauntless Manifesto
" The Peaceful"
Around there, the frail structures that are all over the place, are supplanted by yellow fields and train tracks. In the piece of the area where the train tracks end, the area is loaded with woods and fields.
“Then you must no longer think cruel thoughts. Cruel thoughts lead to cruel words, and hurt you as much as they hurt your target.”- Amity Kindness Manifesto
Beatrice "Tris" Prior
Beatrice "Tris" Prior is the primary hero and storyteller of the Divergent. She is a solid willed sixteen-year-old young lady who despises indicating weakness. In spite of the fact that Tris was conceived in the group Abnegation, she inevitably exchanged to Dauntless and must face the way that she is Divergent. When she landed in her new group, she decided on a change of name to pass by. She chose to utilize Tris as a nickname for Beatrice, seeking after a new beginning in another group.
Shailene Woodley
Tobias "Four" Eaton
Tobias Eaton, all the more conspicuously known as Four, is one of the fundamental heroes in the Divergent set of three. He is the child of Evelyn Johnson and Marcus Eaton. Close by Lauren (teacher of Dauntless-born initiates), he is the educator of the transfer initiates. He becomes Tris's boyfriend toward the end of Divergent. He is 18 years old and he was raised Abnegation but transfer to Dauntless to get away from his father. His nickname,four, comes from the fact that he has only four fears, which is the record for the least amount of fears
Theo James
"I understand why you’re worried, Peter. The events of last night certainly proved that you are a miserable coward...So now we all know, that you are afraid of a short, skinny girl from Abnegation." ~Four
Jeanine Matthews
Kate Winslet
She was conceived in, and picked, Erudite as her group. She is delegated as leader of Erudite singularly in view of her IQ score. She created the Aptitude Test, which must be taken before the Choosing Ceremony. She makes numerous articles about Abnegation in light of falsehoods and distributed in daily papers run by Erudite, to make individuals accept that they are not a selfless group yet rather voracious and egotistical. She made the mind-control control serum that she utilizes on Dauntless; and, with the assistance of Dauntless leader Eric, she makes them assault Abnegation area. She has sharp, watery dark eyes with an alluring face and wears glasses. She has stretch stamps on her knees, and her fingernails look to have been chomped crude.
"The faction system is a living being, you. The future belongs to those who know where they belong." - Jeanine Matthews
"Beatrice was a girl I saw in stolen moments at the mirror, who kept quiet at the dinner table. This is someone whose eyes claim mine and don’t release me; this is Tris."- Tris in Divergent
Caleb Prior
Ansel Elgort
This mystery personality is eventually uncovered upon the arrival of his Choosing Ceremony, where he picks Erudite as his group. Before the Choosing Ceremony, Caleb inconspicuously indications to his sister, Beatrice, that she has the choice to exchange in the event that she is having the same clashing emotions as him. Upon the arrival of picking, he and Beatrice decided to desert their family for diverse groups. He then turns into an Erudite.

Later, he is visited by Beatrice, who transformed her name in the wake of joining Dauntless group as Tris at the Erudite compound who was told by their mom to explore the reenactment serum that Jeanine Matthews has been outlining. He protects Erudite, yet is disillusioned that Natalie went by Tris and not him, where in Tris uncovers the Abnegation have been banned from the Erudite compound and Caleb is stunned.

“You know what mom told me once? She said that everyone has some evil inside them, and the first step to loving anyone is to recognize the same evil in ourselves, so we're able to forgive them.” - Caleb Prior
mr. and mrs. prior
Jai Courtney
Eric transferred from Erudite to Dauntless at the age of 16. He instantly became Four's enemy by getting ranked second in the final rounds. Eric became a Dauntless leader at the age of 17, which isn't unusual, but very young compared to the other Dauntless leaders. He is extremely competitive, and during a game of Capture the Flag he picks a team meant for power. He loses this game to Four's team, a team for speed. He tries to kill Four towards the end of the story when he thinks Four is under the simulation. Tris takes her gun out and threatens to kill him before he could kill Four. Tris, of course, shoots at his leg because it is not in her to kill him.

“ You chose us. Now we get to choose you. ”

“ Hey, Stiff! Remember what a knife is? ”
Amy Newbold
"Drew is just his sidekick. I doubt he has an independent thought in his brain."- said by Christina
“ I won't hurt you. I never wanted to...I just want to say that I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I don't...I don't know what's wrong with me, I...please forgive me, please... ”
Christian Madsen
Zoe Kravitz
“Who cares about pretty? I'm going for noticeable.” - Christina
“ You don't get to come near her again. ”
ben lloyd-hughes
keiynan lonsdale
"Tris, don't tell anyone that I am Divergent, I don't want Shauna looking at me different, let's keep it between us."-Uriah
ashley judd & tony goldwyn
“ Those who want power and get it live in terror of losing it. ”
–Andrew Prior

“ I love you, no matter what. ”
–Natalie Prior
Ben Lamb
Ray Stevenson

“ Sometimes pain is for the greater good. ”
Peter Hayes is the main antagonist in Divergent. He is from Candor and is one of Tris's mortal enemies. Peter always mocked Tris's friends. He is also second to Edward, who is the only person who can beat Peter in fighting and any other activity in the first round. He is the one who stabbed Edward in the eye, so he can be first in first round rankings. In the 2nd round of initiation he is second to Tris. He spent 8 minutes in his fear simulation, and Tris spent 5-3 minutes. Later in the book, Al, Drew, and Peter try to kill Tris but fail. Before the end of the first novel, he is experienced by Tris as one of the Dauntless individuals who were not brought under the simulation's control. At the point when Tris undermines to slaughter him, he takes Tris' feign however is shot in his arm. In the long run, Tris carries him alongside them for data about the PCs controlling the simulation, upon his solicitation, in apprehension of being murdered by their rulers.
Molly is quite often with Drew and Peter, or if nothing else where it is specified by Tris. She continually derides Tris, similar to the time when she helped Peter and Drew mortify Tris by tearing endlessly Tris' towel, uncovering her. In stage one, she battles with Christina and beats her effortlessly, yet then she battles with Tris. Tris, irate at her, thumps her down. She kicks her from fierceness. Tris was diverted from her by Four while she's dying. Tris is inquired as to whether she needs to bring a stroll to quiet down, to which she answers that she is fine and knows she ought to feel a little blame for beating her, however doesn't.In the book though,Tris beats Molly by kicking her in the head,the midsection and the stomach. Molly's face is secured in blood when Tris is finished with her and Tris doesn't drain. In any case, Tris feel awful about it after Eric compliments her. Molly's rank then gets lower than Christina and in light of the fact that she neglected to a powerless rival (Tris), she expressed that Tris would "pay for this". She made an Erudite journalist compose a pitiless article about Tris' father, on "how Tris Prior had a barbarous childhood". Molly lied about Tris' dad irritating Tris.

Later, in light of her low rank, she gets to be factionless and most likely sets out for some meandering the avenues of Chicago alongside Drew
All through the book, Drew is quite often seen around Peter. In stage one he as positioned as number seven. He took an interest in the hijacking of Tris, alongside Peter and Albert. Four then hit him so that he could scarcely walk. He likewise helped Peter wound Edward in the eye. Toward the end of the book, it is assumed that he is left factionless and meandering the avenues of Chicago, expectedly with Molly, as they both fizzled start.
Al was depicted by Tris as delicate and delicate in identity, and he's the first to separate amid their first night in the Dauntless quarters. When they battled against different starts amid the first stage, he vanquished Will by thumping him oblivious and was so perplexed about doing likewise to the others, that he lost every other battle. The main reason he wasn't cut was on the grounds that Edward and Myra both stop the procedure, permitting him to propel forward. In the second phase of start, Tris sees that Al appears to be broken by the apprehension tests. Amid this period, Al encounters night fear, frequently awakening. Despite the fact that Al really liked Tris, he was curved by envy, sharpness, distress, and gloom. Al joins Peter Hayes and Drew in their endeavor to murder Tris, however it is far-fetched that Al needed to do much else besides terrify Tris. Tris smells his mark sage and lemongrass notice, that is specified ordinarily in the book, and finds that Al is attempting to panic/execute her to dispose of his desire. She was impeding his way to the highest point of the score sheets. Amid the ambush, Al tries to make them quit, showing he would not like to hurt Tris. The sound in the event that him battling off Drew and Peter pulled in Four's consideration and he came and spared Tris. Al later apologizes for his activities, however Tris is unwilling to acknowledge his expression of remorse, and rejects his companionship. She even goes as expressing that in the event that he ever drew close to her again, she would murder him. Discouraged, anxious, and sorry, Al hopped into the gap, finishing his life. In the outcome of Al's demise, Tris calls his suicide self centered when Eric calls it valiant. Tris was stating that on the off chance that he was genuinely overcome, he would have conceded his misstep and left Dauntless as opposed to taking his own particular life. On the other hand, Tris was still furious about his passing and censured herself for his suicide. She even said "I ought to have excused him". At the point when Tris told Four that Al would not have submitted suicide in the event that she pardoned him, Four says that they all could have accomplished more and that they simply need to let the blame remind them to improve next time.
In Divergent, she appears as a Dauntless initiate transfer from Candor. She helps Tris on to the train and later they jump from the moving train together on the roof below. They then become best friends. When all of the Dauntless initiates are done jumping, Four tells them his name. Christina asks if it's like the number, making fun of his name. Four says yes and asks if there's a problem. Christina says no, and they continue down with their tour. When Four introduces the Pit, Christina laughs and makes fun of the Pit's name. Their first Dauntless Dinner, Christina and Tris go to sit with Four at one of the empty tables. Four and Eric exchange conversation and Eric leaves. Christina then says to Tris, who earlier had taunted Four about being so approachable, that Tris had a death wish. Then, she's paired up against Molly Atwood, who brutally beats her up and she forfeits the fight in the end. Eric, not happy with her, demands that she and the other initiates follow him to Chasm. He shoves her towards the railing and orders her to climb over it and hang over the other side for five minutes, if she refuses to do that she will have to leave Dauntless and become Factionless, or, if she does it, she would die if she fell off. During capture the flag game, she is picked by Four as one of his team members. Tris formulates the plan to capture the flag but Christina takes the flag and later apologizes to her.
Will was an exchange from Erudite. He had remembered a guide of the city for no particular reason, and retained the proclamations of the greater part of the distinctive groups. Amid start, he met Tris, Christina, and Albert, primarily on the grounds that he wasn't companions with Edward and Myra and would not like to be an unnecessary extra person wheel to the couple. These four always battled against Peter Hayes, Drew and Molly Atwood. Amid Visiting Day, his sister, Cara, went to him. When he acquainted Tris with Cara, Cara was exceptionally impolite, particularly to Tris' mom in light of the fact that they were from Abnegation, and compounded his relationship with Tris. At the point when Tris undermined to punch Cara, Will guarded her, and Tris' mom kept any contention. At the point when the outcomes for the second phase of start were declared after Peter undermined Tris in their dorm, Will was forgotten to discover if what Peter had said in regards to Tris controlling the test was valid. He got to be defensive of her. He likewise continually controlled Tris when she got fierce with the individuals who discussed the Erudite's article about the Abnegation. At to start with, Will and Christina always got into straightforward arguements. In any case, in the long run this closeness to Christina lead them into a relationship. Amid the psyche control reenactment of the Dauntless and Erudite against the Abnegation, Will unknowingly followed Tris and she shot him in the head out of self-preservation. Despite the fact that she profoundly lamented her activities, she had no other decision.
Tris initially meets Uriah amid their Capture the Flag action when Four picked them to be on his group. After their triumph, he inadvertently squirts a paintball in her face on the train back home. Inspired with her triumph in Capture the Flag, Uriah welcomes Tris to go along with him and alternate Dauntless-conceived starts for a clearly unsafe start custom, which is to ride down the zip line from the highest point of the Hancock Building. At the point when Tris lands, Uriah soon takes after behind and Tris, alongside the gathering of Dauntless, ridicule him for "seeming like a strangled feline." Will and Uriah get into contentions twice: the first when Will tells Uriah that it appears to be out of line how the Dauntless-borns have been get ready for the start for as long as sixteen years while the exchanges just get a couple of weeks, and the second when Will sees how those with kin who are now Dauntless individuals get inside data; both contentions of which Uriah has sensible responses to. Tris and Uriah's companionship further grows, yet he is frequently seen with his kindred Dauntless-conceived starts Marlene and Lynn. He later has a wager with Marlene where he needs to shoot a biscuit off Marlene's head without her wincing. They both win, and afterward Marlene eats the biscuit.
Natalie Prior and Andrew Prior are the parents of Beatrice Prior, also known as Tris. Natalie dauntless before she reached Abnegation. She got killed by Dauntless traitors, when she was saving Tris from the Abnegation Hideout. Andrew is a member of the city Council in the Abnegation sector. He is almost like an Abnegation, but he starts acting selfish when his children left him. He was born in Erudite and dies in a Bullet wound towards the end of the book.
The night before the 1st rankings were posted, Edward was wounded in the cleared out eye with a margarine blade. Tris deduced that Peter And Drew finished it. Similarly as they were both missing from their beds that night. Tris valiantly aided Edward by keeping excessively soon blood misfortune with respect to as much eye for her control and later console him. Afterwards, Edward exited bringing about him constantly Factionless, seeing as as much harm might ruin him from setting off through dauntless start. Myra, Edward's girlfriend, likewise in the same start class leaves with him.
Marcus is known as Tobias's dad. He is the leader of the city council. He was very abusive to his son. Marcus is later seen with several Abnegation members hiding out from Dauntless soldiers, who are under simulation by Erudite to destroy Abnegation. Tris comes there, looking for Andrew. She tells them about the simulation, and says she can shut it down by getting to Dauntless headquarters. Marcus comes with Andrew, Caleb, and Tris to Dauntless. When Tris shoots Peter Hayes in order to get information, Marcus is upset because, like most Abnegation, he believed that the act of violence was unnecessary. Tris reminds him, though, that Abnegation members' lives are at stake while the Dauntless each become murderers.
Maggie Q
Tori Wu was the person who directed and regulated Tris' aptitude test, finding and advising her that she was a Divergent and the threats and entanglements that accompanied being one. She has a tattoo of a red-looked at highly contrasting sell on the back of her neck, symbolizing the sun, helping her to remember her trepidation of the dim that she had succeed. She is later uncovered to be one of the tattoo specialists in the Dauntless compound, and was said to have exchanged from Erudite with her sibling, George, who was in the long run slaughtered, apparently for being Divergent. Tori says she needs vindicate, yet that she's sitting tight for the right minute. She is one of the Dauntless under the simulation toward the end of the book and is seen executing a man.
Plot Summary
In a cutting edge, tragic Chicago, society is composed into five groups. There is Abnegation, which values magnanimity, Amity, which values peace, Erudite, which values learning, Candor, which values genuineness, and Dauntless, which values fortitude. Kids are brought up in their guardians' group, and once they turn sixteen, they have the alternative to decide for themselves which group will be theirs for whatever is left of their lives, whether its the one they experienced childhood in or not. Beatrice and her sibling Caleb, who is not exactly a year a year older, take the aptitude test that will let them know which group they are most suitable for. Beatrice shows that she can go to three distinct groups, Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless, and this implies, that she is something many refer to as, Divergent. After much examination about whether to stay in Abnegation or switch groups, Beatrice decides to change to Dauntless, and Caleb moves to Erudite. She makes snappy companions with two Candor exchanges named Christina and Al, and an Erudite exchange named Will, while three other Candor exchanges, Peter, Drew, and Molly, turn into her foes. To be in Dauntless you have to pass initiation which includes three stages, and they will be positioned after every one. The principal phase of start includes figuring out how to battle from their secretive start educator, Four, and one of the coldblooded Dauntless pioneers, Eric.
Tris procures the admiration of numerous amid the start convention of capture the flag, in which she has the thought to move to the highest point of a ferris wheel to see the other group's area. Four accompanies her, and interestingly she understands the inclination she gets when she's around him. She likewise acquires Eric's appreciation when she volunteers to take a discipline implied for Al - remaining before an objective while Four tosses cuts around her. Visiting Day arrives, and Tris' mom comes to visit her in her new group. She knows a suspicious sum about the Dauntless compound, which persuades that her mom may have initially been Dauntless. She advises Tris to go visit Caleb in Erudite and instruct him to research a reproduction serum. Tris discovers that Abnegation individuals are presently disallowed from entering Erudite. Later that day, Al concedes that he prefers Tris as more than a companion, however she can't give back the assessment. When they get rankings for stage one, Tris is positioned 6th, and is not cut. Peter, then again, is unsatisfied with his second place completion, and that night he wounds the primary spot start, Edward, in the eye, compelling him to leave start. As stages two and three of start initiate, Tris starts to carry her own weight in Dauntless finally. She goes zip lining down from the Hancock building with the Dauntless-born. At the same time, pressure is fermenting between two of the groups, Erudite and Abnegation, and Erudite ceaselessly makes assaults on the Abnegation organization. Start is still the most squeezing thing to stress over, however, and toward the end of stage two she gets a stun; she's positioned number one. Thinking of her as a risk, Peter and Drew try to kill her with the assistance of Al, who used to be her friend. Four protects her before they slaughter her. Al is crushed with what he's done, and murders himself in the chasm.
Four, at last, reveals true identity: he is Tobias Eaton, son of very abusive father, and abnegation leader. After this both of them start a relationship togeather. After training, Tris leaves the Dauntless compound to visit her brother. She told him what ever her mom told about the serum. There, she runs into Jeanine who thinks Dauntless members are trying to kill Divergents. When she gets back, Tobias tells her that Erudite is planning a war against Abnegation and they will be using Dauntless as a weapon. Initiation day comes, her final test. She has to conquer her fears one after another, and she is extremely successful. She gets ranked first place, and becomes an official Dauntless member. However, one the same day they insert a "tracking device" , but it turns out that it is the simulation that Erudite did so they can control Dauntless members, so they can fight Abnegation. That night all the non-divergent dauntless members wake up in a trance. Tobias and Tris are both resistant and they find each other while they are pretending to be in a trance. While Tris and Tobias are trying to find Tris's parents, Eric finds them. He was about to "accidentally kill Tobias" when Tris fights back. She shoots at his leg but both Tris and Tobias are captured. Jeanine takes Tobias to the headquarters but takes Tris to be executed, since she got shot on the shoulder. The next morning Tris is left to drown in a tank full of water. Her mother comes and rescues her, and takes her to her father, and brother. One the way their she gets killed by dauntless Traitors. Once Tris reaches her family, she realizes that they have to shut down the simulation fully, so they head down to Dauntless control room to shut it down. Along the way, they bump int Peter, who says that if she takes him with her he will show they way to the control room and Tris's father dies. When she gets there she finds serum-controlled Tobias under a simulation. After he hears her voice he gets out of the trance and is able to save the day. They shut down the computer and but all the data in to a drive so they will not be able to restart. Tris, Tobias, Caleb, Marcus and Peter head out of the city, hoping to find safety in the peaceful Amity compound.
The Climax of this story is when Tris finds Tobias/Four under a simulation. Tris keeps telling hi its her and once he hears her voice he is out of the trance. This is the Climax because Tris, the protagonist, doesn't know what to do. The problem is solved now that they know where and how to stop it.
There are many themes in Divergent. There is Identity, Fear, Society, Class, Family, Friendship, Power, Blame, Guilt, Competition, Secrets, and Choices. The main theme is Power. In Divergent, power is all about making other people do what you want them to do. There's the straightforward power of Dauntless, who beat people up and destroy things. Then there's the more complicated, more manipulative power of Erudite, who want to control things, either through newspapers changing people's opinions or just, you know, controlling people's minds directly. And then there's Abnegation, whose power lies in sacrifice,and selflessness which makes them stand out. Just stand out and be who you want to be!!
My Opinion/recommendations
I thought this book is a wonderful book. It really shows what girls are capable of. I really liked the way they showed Tris from an ordinary girl to this powerful woman. This should be all girls. I didn't like the way they portrayed the leaders. They made it look like Eric was the only leader and that isn't true. If you really enjoyed my presentation and have read Divergent then I would suggest the Delirium Trilogy. It has the same concept about love, and Girl Power.
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