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Transcript of Music

By: Laura Amat and Chelo Manzano.

The reggaeton was born in the 1970s in Panama.
Reggaeton is a kind of the music and now, this is listening more. Its very popular between teenagers.

Kinds of the music
There are a lot of kinds of the music. We prefer for example:
Reggaeton, Rap, Reggae and Dubstep. Now, we explain this kinds and other important.
History of the music
In all times there has been music, but, the music was born in Ancient Greece together with poetry and dance.
Now, it's using for express feelings, emotions or ideas.

The music
We love the music and all of this kinds.
This is the best for the teenagers when they stressed.
The music helps us to relax, to feel better, to concentrate and to forget the problems.
It's a perfect way to be happy.

The rap was born in the 1960s for the African-American community of the United States.
Rap is one of the most popular kinds of the music at this time. It's a kind of music and poetry.

The reggae was born in 1960s in Jamaica.
"The king" of this kind of the music is Bob Marley.
The rhythms of reggae relax you a lot and is a good way to forget our problems.
The dubstep was born in the 1990s in London, England.
It's a type of music without lyrics, only electronic music and rhythms.

The music
We are going to talk about the music.
We love the music because it's a perfect way to relax and forged about everything that worries us.
Other kinds of music
Now, we going to talk about other kinds of music.
Internationally, this types aren't very known.
Only in some countries.
Flamenco is a

music from Spain.
This type of music is
t known in many countries.
combine the
music with dance
The singers of the music
The singers has an important paper in the world of the music because they express feelings, ideas and moments that we've lived
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