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No description

Eva Arribas Ruiz

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Istanbul

Istanbul and Turkey Perls
8 days circuit
Route trip
Information for the traveller
Map of the city
Day 1 (Spain- Istanbul)
Presentation and explanation about the tour in the airport 2 hours before the boarding. Check-in and boarding. Arrival, collect your luggage and visa procedures. You will have assistant from our turkish salespersons, that are going to translate you in a private bus to the hotel.
The language that istanbulites speak it's turkish.
Some useful words are:
Hello - Merhaba
Bye - Güle güle
Please - Lütfen
Bathroom - Tuvalet
Meal - Öğle Yemeği
Tea - Çay
Water - Su
Beer - Bira
Coffee - Kahve
Günes hotel 4*
Day 2 (Istanbul)
Breakfast. In the morning you are going to visit Saint Sophie's church. After that the ancient racecourse, one of the congregation place of the people. We are also going to Blue mosque. In the afternoon we are going to see the Chora monastery. All this in Istanbul.
The summers in Istanbul are dry and very hot. The maximum temperatures are more than 30ºC and the minimum more than 20ºC. The nights are pleasant.
The tour lasts eight days, will be between february and march.
From December to February are the coldest and rainiest months. The habitual temperatures are under 0 and the snow is very usual.
DAY 3 (Istanbul-Canakkale-Troya-Ayvalik)
The most recommendable months to visit this city are May, June, September and October. In these months there aren't many rainy days, the temperature is nice and, like that, you can avoid the cold.
Turkey is a parliamentary representative democracy. Since its foundation as a republic in 1923, Turkey has developed a strong tradition of secularism.
From Barcelona to Istanbul you can go by plane, by ship, by car or by bus.
Currently in Turkey you can find banknotes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Turkish lira. The coins are of 1 Lira and 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1 kurus. 1€ = 2.88023 Turkish lira.
Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world and it had been the capital of three empires is a fact that any traveler you can leave overlooked.In Turkey's Pearls you will discover an amazing world filled with fascinating stories.
Which ball because your trip in a drew Our guides, who speak spanish will show you this awaiting places and the charw of our laud.
Typical souvenirs:
Breakfast. You are going to Canakkale, to see the most ancient of the greek literature. You're going to visit Troya. You will continue until Ayvalik where you are going to sleep. There you have an optional trip for the Bósforo.
Topkapi Palace
Hagia Sophia
Grand Bazaar
Day 4 (Ayvalik- Pérgamo- Éfeso- Kusadasi area)
Breakfast. You are going to go to Pérgamo. You will visit the Asclepion. Then you are going to go to Éfeso. Then to Kusadasi area, where we are going to sleep.
Dolmabahce Palace
Basilica cistern
Istanbul Archaeological Museum
Day 5 (Kusadasi- Pamukkale)
Breakfast. Visit to Afrodisias. You will go until Pamukkale. And you are going to sleep there.
Day 6 (Pamukkale- Hierápolis- Antalya area)
Breakfast. You are visiting Hiperápolis runes. Then you're going to sleep in Antalya zone.
Day 7 (Antalya)
Breakfast. A day for discover Antallya one of the most beautiful places of the turkey brook. You are also going to sleep in Antalya.
Day 8 (Antaya- Spain)
Galata Tower
Breakfast. At the hour indicated by our salesman, pickup and transfer to Antalya airport to go in the flight with a layover in Istanbul. Arrival and the end of our services.
Why will you go there?
Carpets, antiquities, clothes falsifications, turkish and baklavas delicacies or other gastronomical products.
Turkish and baklavas delicacies
Carpets' shop
Prizes and includes
The prize includes
- Fly to Istanbul and fly from Antalya to Spain, including facturation of the luggage until 20Kg for each person.
-2 nights in 4* hotels in Istanbul. With room including breakfast and dinner.
1 night in 4* hotel in Ayvalik

1 night in 5* hotel in Kusadasi
1 night in 4* hotel in Pamukkale
2 nights in 5* hotel in Antalya
- Companion guide that talks in Spanish during all the circuit.

- All of the removal in air-conditioned buses.
- The visits and entrances indicated in the program. (Istanbul excursion valuated in 60$)
- Basic insurance for trip.
Additional services
- Full board packet: 149$ for each person.
- Supplement for individual room: 126$.
- Discount for third person 40$ for a triple room.
- All of the removal in air-conditioned buses.
- The visits and entrances indicated in the program. (Istanbul excursion valuated in 60$)
- Basical
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