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Elementary Art Lessons

No description

Katie Amos

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Elementary Art Lessons

Elementary Art Lessons
Kindergarten - Hungry Caterpillar

1. Showed kids the Very Hungry Caterpillar movie.
2. Gave them circle stencils to trace.
3. Had them to add a cloud and draw what their caterpillar would want to eat.
4. Had them color each section differently. Reminded them to color the entire area, not scribble.

1st - Picasso Portraits
1. Rediscussed self-portrait. Then showed Pablo Picasso Prezi:
2. Told students to draw anyone they wanted (mom, teacher, sibling). Drew my own example on board. Showed them a way they could start, but told them they didn't have to (Oval, line with nose down face, sideways eye, strait eye, 1/2 sad 1/2 happy mouth, ect.)
3. They drew their picture with pencil first & then traced their lines with black Crayon.
4. Next, they are going to use watercolor paints to paint them.
4th - Scratch Art
4th & 5th - Pointillism
5th - scratch art.
3rd - Color Wheel
Supplies: Square paper, large circle stencils, small circle stencils, triangle stencils, black crayon, & crayons for all colors of wheel (I put each color in one cup and had a sign with the color.)
1. We did each step together (I gave them a certain amount of time to complete each step - 30sec. 1 min.)
2. Steps: Circle in middle, triangle pointing up, triangle pointing down, small circles at tips, label circles (r,y,b,o,g,p), trace a circle in between each circle, label those, Draw an object for each color (make it BIG, fill the circle) - I told them to just do a shape if they could not think of anything, use black crayon to connect primaries, secondaries, compliments, color each object the correct color)
1. Discussed Warm and cool colors (I used a smart board lesson.)
2. Students use either warm or cool tissue paper for their background.
3. They draw a tree on black paper & cut it out (I showed them tree of life images)
4. They decorate the tree with the opposite (warm or cool) that their background is.
5. Glue on the tree

Warm & Cool Prezi: http://prezi.com/yf3p2nlbw26h/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy
3rd - Warm/Cool Trees
Kindergarten - Little Yellow, Little Blue (Continued)
1. Recall information from last class.
2. Discuss Primary & Secondaries - I did a smart board lesson/game.
3. Have students draw a playground
4. Have them use one finger to put 1 big red dot and 2 little red dots.
5. Have them use finger to put 1 big blue dot, 1 little blue dot, and mix a little blue with 1 of the reds.
6. Have them use finger to put 1 yellow dot, mix yellow with small red, and mix yellow with small blue.
1st - Still life/Self portrait
1. Discuss still lifes and self portraits (I showed Van Gogh work)
2. Since I only had 3 still lifes, I had 1/2 the class work on still lifes & 1/2 work on self portraits. Then they switched.
3. Then they cut themselves out and glued it to their still life.
4. On the back they wrote a sentence: "I like art because..."
5. I'm going to type out what they wrote and have the person saying it
Kindergarten - Little Yellow, Little Blue
1. Read Little Yellow, Little Blue
2. Gave children R,Y,B homemade play dough
3. They tore each ball in half, then mixed B+R, R+Y, B+Y
4. After colors were mixed, I gave them a little more R,Y,B play dough, and let them create whatever they wanted.
(Be sure to tell them no more mixing or they all make brown...)
Supplies: Tag board, crayons, black tempera paint with a little dish soap mixed in, toothpicks.
1. Dived paper into sections. not too big, not too small. Color each section DARK - no black, white allowed. No blank spots!
2. Paint entire picture with tempera & soap mix.
3. Discussed Koru Spiral plant and artist Raewyn Harris.
(powerpoint at http://www.mrsbrownart.com/4th.htm )
4. Students made 2 designs that used: spiral, pattern,
other plants. They scribbled in areas they intended to
scratch whole are out.
5. Picked favorite design and scratched it into
their previous painting with a toothpick.
Prezi on Pointillism: http://prezi.com/it0w_rh3f6gk/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy (shows different expectations for each grade. 3rd is doing sandpaper prints.)
Supplies: each table has 1 egg carton with all the color wheel colors. 1 Q-tip for each color. (give them black & brown at the end)
1. Draw design. Keep objects fairly large.
2. Start with the darkest color in each object. (this allows paint time to dry so colors don't mix)
3. Add a new color to each section.
4. Continue process until you are complete.
Supplies, square tag board, square comp paper,
color wheel crayons, black tempera & soap mix,
1. Use ruler to divide paper in 12 sections.
2. label each section. 3. color each section DARK
4. paint square.
5. Discuss radial symmetry Prezi: http://prezi.com/67xqherynhgo/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy
6. Fold comp paper in half 3 times
7. unfold: you have 12 sections.
8. create a design in 1 section. (think about lines and shapes). Repeat
same design in every section.
9. I had them do 2 designs & pick 1. scribbled areas they wanted scratched out.
10. use toothpick & recreate design on previous painting.
ALSO: Prezi I created for the project where you make a picture out of shapes. Great song included!
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