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Period 4 - Due 5/16/13

Eilene Ramos

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Utopia

What is a
is a community that is believed to be perfect and has perfect qualities.
is a type of government that allows the citizens to equally participate in the decisions that can affect their lives. Through representatives that they have voted for, our people will have what is called a
representative democracy
. Our people will have several rights they receive when they are born. These rights include having their own beliefs, forming organizations of their choice, assembling and protesting of government actions. However, all must be done peacefully, all must respect the law, and all must respect others rights. All of our citizens are created equal. They will not be discriminated against by their race, ethnic group, religion or gender. If there is a crime, the accused will go through a trial, with a jury of their peers, for a fair trial.
In our family units there is either two parents with the minimum of three kids. If you are single you are not allowed to have any kids, the same goes for teens in high school. in order to have kids you must be out of high school, have a job, and be able to raise another human being. When your child has reached the age of 5 it is mandatory to enroll your child into school. and it is your responsibilities to care for your child. clean feed clothes.
Energy Sources
Plant and Animal Life
The sports in our community varied, meaning there are more than enough sports to join. in this community you must join at least 3 or more sports clubs or activities to stay fit. The sports that you may join are: Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Boxing, Volleyball, Cheer leading, Football, Cricket, Cross Country Running, Darts, Flag Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hand Ball, Hiking, Hockey, Ice Skating, Karate, Lacrosse, Mountain Biking, Paint Ball, Rock Climbing, Skateboarding, Snow Boarding, Soccer, and Surfing. So, there will be more than enough events for the peoples to choose from.
Leisure Time
There will be several activities and places offered
at our utopia. Two and a half hours everyday will be the time period given to take part in these activities. The weekends won't have a time limit, as long as all responsibilities are taken care of first.
Activities include: attending sports, movies, concerts, parties, etc.
Places include: movie and play theaters,
Climatic & Geographical Features
Our utopia will have the four seasons:summer, winter, autumn, and spring. Our island is divided into four regions, one season for each all year round. The degrees include
the lowest is 50, and highest is 90.
In Summer the temp. is 80 to 90.
In Winter the temp. is 50 to 60.
In Autumn the temp. is 60 to 70.
In Spring the temp. is 70 to 80.
The geographical features mountains, rivers, lakes, swamps.
Care for Elderly
Plant & Animal Life
Our group's utopia has a variety of plant and animal life. This will depend on which of the four regions it is inhabited at. The plant life will include: tropical plants, fruits, and trees. The animal life will include: wild life, tigers, elephants, bears, etc. With the insect life, all exist. However, mosquitoes and flies are extinct. None can cause harm and are small in size. Common house pets include: dogs, cats, fish, birds, etc.
Our utopia will have a great system of employment. Everyone who is of age to work will have a job.You get a job based on what you're suited for by taking a "Pre-Employment Survey" and a "Personality Survey". If you don't like the job, you can consult with an employment adviser and they will assist with getting you into your desired job, as long as you can show you will succeed in that field.There are several details to the jobs. You start working at the age of 18. Minimum wage is $15 an hour. Pay earned depends on job. Benefits you receive are medical, dental, eye, and retirement.
Everyone is giving a house and a good amount of money. By determining who are the rich from who has less money depends on the job they have. Who ever has a great job with good money then that is who is the rich.

We take our education on our island very seriously. In order to have a good paying job you have to understand what the job is about. Without the right education you wont succeed in life. The education starts at the age 4 til you reach the age 17-18. Then once you pass, you will move on til you reach the college degree on what you would like to succeed. It is also Mandatory to go to college right after you finish high school. So, you will already have your future ahead of you and already planned it out ahead of time.
Audi A6
BMW 3-Series Sedan
Ford Focus St
Ford Mustang Boss 302
Honda Accord
Honda Fit
Mazda M-X Miata
Porsche Boxster
Scion FR-S
Volkswagen Golf
Our people will drive either a(n) Audi A6, BMW 3-Series Sedan, Ford Focus St, Ford Mustang Boss 302, Honda Accord, Honda Fit, Mazda MX-5 Miata, Porsche Boxster, Scion FR-S, and Volkswagen Golf.
All will run on water and solar energy.
As the years pass the cars will stay the same but the quality and characteristics will change.

The crime in our Utopia Is Not Legal. Utopia is a community where everyone knows one another and is in the house before 9 o'clock. This creates a quiet and safer community for the peoples of Utopia. In this community people think before they do, meaning they take the time out and think on what their actions are and they think about what might the consequences might end up being. If someone prevents a crime their consequence will be hanging by the leg on a flying airplane til they learn what they did wrong and swear they won't do it again. If by chance it happens again there will be no warning it would be sentenced death.
In our utopia everything runs on water, from cars and electricity, to hair styling tools and cell phones. Since our utopia is an island we have an endless amount of water; and of course you have to work with what you have. We have special clouds which make the water rain down in the spring and fall regions, then the water travels through the rivers, streams, and mountains to reach the winter and summer regions. Our endless resource, water, powers our whole utopia and it will never run out.
What is a perfect utopia with out a perfect leader? A good leader needs to be reasonable and understanding but also strong and authoritative; brave but also caring. The bad aspects of a leader are attempting full control or enforcing their own desires, being rude and uneducated, lack of responsibility and performance and not being communicative with the people.
The leader of our utopia is Marienely Pulraz. She is a 35 year old woman who has been our leader for six years. The people of our utopia have become accustom to her ruling they enjoy the leisure, temperature, judging, and media all of which she controls. We have a democratic government so we all do have a saying in her decisions. The good thing about Marienely is that she is considerate, caring and a good listener. She always looks over the community's opinions and desires. We have a system where we can all talk to our leader when we need her if it's urgent, or we can write her a letter if it is not.
Marienely studied at the highest university we have here on the island, Dawes University. She has always been a 3.5 GPA student with multiple extra curricular activities. She has taken psychology courses and majored in social authority, government, and politics. Before ruling our island Marienely was vice ruler for four years that gave her the knowledge to rule with strength, wisdom, and authority.
Jaden Pulraz is Marienely's husband; they have been married for nine years. They have two children both of which are boys ages two and four. They are not treated better nor are they preferred among others; they are just regular children. Jaden and Marinely met at Dawes university where they attended the same government class. They studied together and began dating after a semester. They communicate well, work well together, and most importantly they enjoy each other's company.
The people of our society love their leader Marienely Pulraz because she is just as kind and caring as she is strong and powerful. She is approachable, a good listener, and stands behind and stands up for her people. For those reasons we have chosen and kept in place our leader Marienely Pulraz.
The media remains the same, meaning that we still have actors, singers, writers, and designers. The only difference in the media is that the celebrities aren't so worshiped and they do get their privacy. Because of this, we still get our music, movies, TV shows, and more. We will still have award shows for the celebrities, actors and actresses, etc. There won't be provocative language or material on TV. The movie theaters will have an age limit as to who can watch certain movies with certain material.
Distribution of wealth
Everyone in our community has a job. Your job is determined by a personality survey and a pre-employment survey. Minimum wage in our society is $15 an hour. If you do not like your job, you can consult with
Family units-
We take great care for our elderly. It is an option to put them in a home, but it is not mandatory to. They are monitored on their health to make sure they are healthy when they turn a certain age, which is fifty-five. If they show signs of serious illness, they are given a harmless pill to kill them so they won't suffer pain. Other than this we make sure they have healthy meals, but this does not exclude eating sweets, etc.
The fashion in our utopia is diverse. The clothes you were depend on what region you are in the utopia. We do not have uniforms that you need to wear. It is all depended on what the person feels is their style. There is however a dress code. There is no public nudity, but all in all it should be appropriate.
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