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Chris #1

No description

Kelci Baker

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Chris #1

POLITICS Blunders and
Ads from the
2012 Election Cycle Blunders from the Presidential Election Discussion: Democrats Anti-Mourdock ad Mourdock Ad Donnely: Perfectly Wrong for Indiana Discussion: General Election Se hable espanol Romney Find a way Obama DNC used this at a convention The National Association Of Black Journalists at Ball State is committed to providing a foundation and voice for the minority media population at Ball State University. We are here to serve the entire community through all aspects of the organization. We will promote strong morals and ethics while practicing fair and accurate coverage of any story. We will create a beneficial atmosphere for all future journalists, public relations, and media professionals and fortify a strong network to advise all members. The National Association of Black Journalists was created by 44 determined men and women and that prestigious tradition shall be continued through the Ball State chapter. Team Obama Team Romney How important are blunders? Do you think the person saying them actually believes what they said? Does it affect your vote? What do you think of DNC Mourdock rape and comments ad? Do you think Mourdock said what he meant? Is Donelly Ad fair? What do you think Mourdock's voice does not endorse ad? Romney Obama One candidate speaks during entire ad, one does not. If you're Hispanic does this matter to you? If not Hispanic, what affect does it have on you? Discussion What is your initial response to seeing the candidates use their own words?

Candidates use each others own words against each other. Does this make intended message more "real" to you? 
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