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Ralph Lauren Digital Media Coordinator Project

3 Social Media Campaigns to Promote a New Store

Elizabeth Monson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Ralph Lauren Digital Media Coordinator Project

Microsite Campaign Blogger Campaign Facebook / RalphLauren.com Campaign Goals Online Press Coverage Buzz for the new Ralph Lauren Store Coverage
5 traditional news sources, 5 top-tier blogs
50% reblogged posts, 50% in-depth coverage
80% of mentions should include the watch salon 30 posts overall Track mentions around the web Proposal Pre-Launch: Promote the watch salon with unique branded content Launch: Community engagement Post-Launch: Support the microsite Pre-Launch: Exclusive blogger press preview Launch: Launch party Pre-Launch: Harness the energy of microsite and blogger campaigns to reach Ralph Lauren fans outside of NY Launch: Add images, video, and press coverage Post-Launch: Content lives on RalphLauren.com and Facebook Great platform for gathering all of the coverage and posting it in one place
Facebook also drives traffic comparable to Google for top retail sites
Levi's is the first company to integrate Facebook's social plugin into their online shop - users can share favorite products with friends and shop your friends' liked products RalphLaurenWatches.com doesn't fascilitate action or engagement required for a social program
Including community engagement is a great press point and a great way to generate more traffic
Drive traffic to RalphLaurenWatches.com, or repurpose RalphLaurenWatches.com Ralph Wild Microsite Program
Generated over 2.7 million impressions
Over 80% of placements included images associated with the brand
Over 60% of placements linked back to RalphWild.com A microsite is the most cost effective way to create unique branded content around the new watch salon Buzz
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