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Hitler's Horrendous History

A tragic story of the life of the world's most terrible fascist ruler, and the murder of millions of innocent people. By The Kool Kids of Table: Adolf Hitler Period 3.

Casey Persia

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Hitler's Horrendous History

Adolf Hitler Problems
Hitler told his troops to never retreat
He waged war on Russia/USA
Adolf spread his army out too much
Other minor blunders Prime of his power
Once he became chancellor, he targeted Jews
Started on night of broken glass
Continued to harass Jews and gained many followers
Many other countries got involved with the hollcaust
On September 1, 1939, World War II began
The Hollocaust
11 million people were killed
Most people died of starvation, disease, and maltreatment
The Jews had to shave their heads and wear the same clothes to hide their identity Failed Attempts at Power
Beer-Haul Pustch
Demanded to start a revolution at Berlin
Against Weinmar Republic
How he became evil
When being an artist failed, he became a politician.
He fought in WW I
When Germany lost WW I, Hitler blamed Jews.

Born in Branqu, Austria on April 20, 1889
Had a terrible childhood
Suffered from lung infections
Dropped out of highschool
Wanted to be an artist, but failed Attempted Murder
There were many attempts at assassination
Closest was Operation Valkyrie
Bomb was planted in a briefcase at Wolfsschanze
Made Hitler angry, and he exectuted 4,600 more people Death Legacy
Chancellor from1933 to 1945, and served as head state fuhrer
Results practice of nazism known as immoral, and denial of holocaust
Remembered as a mass murderer, and a cruel, sad man Interesting Facts
Hitler never took off his coat in public
Hitler loved the circus
His first love was a with a jewish girl
He had no interest in sports and never exercised
He was obsessed with hands Death
In late 1944, Hitler realized Germany lost the war, but continued the Holocaust
Hitler married Eva Braun in the early morning of April 30 1945
Made last will and testament shortly after
Soviet troops were aproaching the Reich Chancellery
Eva bit into a cyanide capsule, and Adolf shot himself
The bodies were then placed in a bomb crater and burned

By: Calvin Pozderac, Caroline May, Erica Cech, Dominic Cristiano, and Alex Chiriac http://library.thinkquest.org/J0112264/Hitler1.html

http://unitedcats.wordpress .com/2009/04/13/just-for-fun-hitlers-ten-dumbest-mistakes/

http://www.historyplace. com/worldwar2/riseofhitler
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