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Team CRAWN Presentation

No description

Jandra Nam

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Team CRAWN Presentation

Team Performance

Identify what needs to be done
Agree on desired results
Specify and establish guidelines and standards of behavior and performance
Reconfirm your expectations constantly
Have a clear and mutual understanding by providing a common vision
Clear performance expectations accomplished deserve recognition.
Publicly cheering and celebrating team accomplishments enhances the team's feeling of success.
The recognition clearly communicates the behaviors and actions the company expects from its employees.
“When you and an employee set clear expectations about the results that must be achieved and the methods or approaches needed to achieve them, you establish a path for success.”
(Berkley HR. ,n.d.)
Goal setting will:
Serve as a road map for the team
Identify the results to be achieved
Outline the actions required to accomplish results

Break down goals into small, manageable pieces
Tie specific goals to specific team member
Schedule check-ins to check progress
Assure goals align with mission and vision
Utilize tools such as project plans
Revisit proposed goals often
Have both long and short term goals
Set 3-5 realistic, attainable goals at a time
Plays an important part of team performance
Is a message conveyed with shared meaning
Processes are regular, transparent, focused, and related to team goals
Modes are team 1-on-1, face-to-face, meetings, newsletters, email updates, etc.

Increased motivation
Increased productivity and performance
Foster trust and respect between staff
Effective conflict and problem resolution
A more positive environment
A much more moral work culture

Practice active listening
Build rapport and get to know each other
Take time to explain
Seek, share, and act on constructive feedback
Effectively use and interpret verbal and nonverbal messages
Choose the right medium: face-to-face, meeting, email
Ways to Improve Communication:
Effective communication can lead to:
“Since we communicate whether we want to or not, it’s in our best interest to get good at it.”
- David Grossman
Accountability is having the responsibility and authority to act and fully accept the consequences for the results of those actions
Members of the team feel mutually accountable to each
other; the team as a whole accepts accountability for the
results of the team's actions.
Greater accuracy of work
Better response to role obligations
More attentive problem solving
Better decision making
More cooperation with co-workers
Higher team satisfaction
Begin with a clear focus and expectations
Give each member reasonable authority to determine their outcomes
Connect real consequences to team's actions
Focus more on mission of the team rather than looking better than each other
Focus on the future if mistakes or problems occur
Publicly own up to own mistakes
Accept consequences without fear
Be explicit about accountability and expectations

Monitoring is critical for taking stock of progress and for helping to ‘learn as we go’. Monitoring can help teams to identify issues,
measure success and learn from any mistakes. Monitoring
teammates' task related behaviors will benefit overall team
performance by enhancing team coordination and the
provision of feedback.
To monitor progress of team performance:
Conduct weekly meetings to get updates on progress of activities, tasks, decisions, project plan, timeline, and other information
Utilize a weekly action plan to record and review assignments and progress at each meeting
Focus on decision making related to the project topics, tasks and assignments, and team management and activities.
Review tasks/assignments at end of meeting to assure everyone is on track
Offer suggestions on how to do work more effectively and efficiently
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And that is how you enhance team performance
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