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Soiree of Illusions

A presentation analyzing the final section of the novel Fifth Business.

Steven Mullin

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Soiree of Illusions

Soirée Of Illusions Key Events * Dunstan tells Mrs. Dempster that he has seen Paul. This sends her into a downward spiral.

* Boy tries his hand at politics, and in the process meets his second wife, Denyse Hornick.

* Mrs. Dempster Dies.

* Boy is found dead in his car submerged off the pier of the Toronto harbour; a small rock is in his mouth.

* Prior to his death Boy met with Dunstan and Eisengrim at Colborne College, they get into an argument and Dunstan tells all of them about the night of Paul’s birth.

* Boy offers Eisengrim a Ride home and they both leave; the next morning Boy is found dead.

* soon after Boy's death the Magician’s tour moves on on to another country. TRIVIA ! Who does Dunstan Ramsay write an Autobiography for and who asks him to do it? What does Dunstan tell Mrs. Dempster that upsets her while she is in the mental hospital? What Government position is Boy Staunton preparing to receive? Dunstan tells Eisengrim that he and Boy Staunton took away his Mother’s sanity. What incident proves this? Where was Boy Staunton found dead and what was found in his mouth? Dunstan, Boy, and Magnus Eisengrim all change their names from their childhood and go on to live different styles of lives. What are people who are renamed referred to as in this book? What type of saint does Padre Blazon say Dunstan does not mention in his most recent book? What are the last words that Dunstan says in the book? ? ! $ ♛ ♛ ♛ ♛ ♕ ♕ Guilt Thus I lost, for a time, one of the fixed stars in my universe, and as I had brought about this great change in Mrs. Dempster’s condition by my own stupidity I felt much depressed by it. (219)
“Guilt?” said Eisengrim....
“Yes, guilt. Staunton and I robbed your mother of her sanity.” And I told them the story of the snowball. (249) Aceptance of life roles Matters between us were still as they had been for thirty years, and the only difference was that Liesl had taught me that his confidences were not wrung from him against his will but gushed like oil from a well, and that I as Fifth Business was his logical confidant. (222) Who killed Boy Staunton? I think Boy killed himself! I think Paul Hypnotized Boy into driving off the Pier! Class Debate I'm denser than Dunny's paperweight and I think his car just lost control! "I predict that the winner of trivia will be a grade 12 english student" Reurn to Child-like Mindset I was plagued by fantasies of desolation and wretchedness so awful that I might as well not have been sixty years old, a terror to boys, and a scholar of modest repute, for they crushed me as if I were the feeblest of children. (230) " We all forget many of the things we do, especially when they do not fit into the character we have chosen for ourselves" (248) “Men who retain something of the brutish boy, even,” (249) He was killed by the usual cabal: by himself, first of all; by the woman he knew; by the woman he did not know; by the man who granted his inmost wish; and by the inevitable fifth, who was keeper of his conscience and keeper of the stone.
(252) it was my birth that made her like that. My father thought it his duty to tell me, so that I could do whatever was possible to make it up to her. My birth was what robbed her of her sanity; that sometimes happened, you know, and I suppose it happens still. I was too young for the kind of guilt my father wanted me to feel; he had an extraordinary belief in guilt as an educative force. I couldn’t stand it. I cannot feel guilt now. (246) This got me on the raw, and Dunstable Ramsay’s old inability to resist a cruel speech when one occurred to him came uppermost. (250) Here it was. Either I spoke now or I kept silence forever. Dunstan Ramsay counselled against revelation, but Fifth Business would not hear. (249)
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