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career shadowing project thing


savannah collier

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadowing project thing

Career shadowing project Name of business:
The Cleaning Cicks Business wbesite or address:
7917 Ridge pointe drive east What type of business?
house cleaning (cleaning service) What goods does this service provide?
Cleans houses for people for easier lives. Who are the main customers?
Residents throughout the community. Purpose of the company:
So people can have ease in their life
and that their houses can be clean! Where will his company be is 15 years?
still at my house and other peoples house. Average salary and aducation needed to work here?
High school education. Depends on the employee and how much they want to work. Technology used in this job?
computers and calculators and vaccumes. Skills needed for this job?
respect for customers needs and wants. Math skills. would I pursue a career with this company?
NO!! because it has a lot of dust involed (im allergic) What did I best/dislike about this job?
I loved doing the mopping!!
I hated the vaccuming. UGH!! What is this job doing to go green?
useing clothes that can be rinsed out and reuse over and over again.
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