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Seminole Creation Story

No description

aubrey gilmore

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Seminole Creation Story

Seminole Creation Story
Presentation by: Jessica, Ivan, Aubrey
The People did not believe in war, greed and jealousy.
They selected a leader, that understood and followed the movements of their Grandfather.
The leaders looked to their Grandfather for all the answers.
The movements of the Kiyas and Okiyas were only used to worship the Grandfather.
Each clan was known as healers, warriors or leaders.
Leaders had great wisdom, and they led their People in the way of harmony.
They also followed the movements of Grandfather, Kiyas, and Okiyas.
Hitchiti-Mikasuki Creation Story
The story starts out by the ground shaking and People coming out into a strange new world that the Mother created for them.
The Cave the People came out of represents security. Also the Cave gave birth to the People.
The People were greeted by their brothers and sister that the Great Spirit sent ahead of them.
The brothers and sisters are animals that were chosen by the Great Spirit.
Panther, Bird, Bear, Deer, Snake, Frog, Otter and many more.
The People could speak and understand their brothers and sisters.

The brothers taught and guided the People the same way they were taught by Great Spirit.
Each brother than took a small family to teach and guide them. This is how they got their own clans.
Then each clan went out and built their own village.
Within each clan they could not marry each other because good would never come out of it.
They married someone else from a different clan.
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