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Irish Traditions

No description

Maddy Solinger

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of Irish Traditions

Irish Traditions
By Maddy Solinger


Have you ever thought about Ireland and the traditions that the country has? Well, if you have ever researched on Ireland and its traditions, then you find that us, the United States, and Ireland have many traditions in common. Read to find out more!
New Years Holiday
St. Patrick's Day
Wedding Traditions
Valentine's Day
Irish Burial Traditions
When New Year's comes around, it is a BIG celebration. Most people spend the night at pubs, clubs, and the black ball does come down to greet the new year. Though, there are other people who take the time to greet with friends, and have a few pints (of alcohol) for themselves. And then there are the other people who like to go to somewhere beautiful on the island preferably a hill or train station to welcome the New Year with an unforgettable moment.
Most couples go to the pub or a fancy restaurant to order something nice to eat for Valentine's Day. Some other couples show their love by getting their girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband (and yes that happens) a bouquet of flowers to get a smile on their face.
March 17th is the day that marks Ireland's national holiday, St. Patrick's Day. The day in Ireland is filled with parades and festivals, drinking green beer, and, definitely, wearing something green. Many people wear something green to show their heritage of being Irish and culture of the irish.
Easter usually starts on Lent, forty days Easter Sunday. From the first day, they would stop eating meat but also stop something they cherish such as favorite food, alcohol, cigarettes and even television. A typical Easter Sunday would consist of families preparing their homes for ¨spring cleaning¨.
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Irish Christmas traditions usually starts on the first or second weekend of December with many familes starting their own way for preparing for Christmas. There are various ways to celebrate Christmas, but it is mostly spent with loved ones.
Before Christianity found Ireland, couples wished to show commitment to each other by handfasting. It was usual for couples to celebrate this ceremony during the fall festival, Lusghnasadh, which occurs on August 1st. The ceremony always includes the last words, ¨ Until death, do we part¨. Much like America, we have the same ceremony as Ireland.
If there is any common tradition with America, then it is the Irish Burial. This is where others bury their loved one(s). Much like America, we bury our loved ones and remember them as long as we want.
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