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Campaign Finale Communications Discussion

No description

Rebecca Vogel

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Campaign Finale Communications Discussion

Campaign Finale
Communications Planning Planning Committee:

Becky Vogel (staff lead)
David Demarest (Office of Public Affairs)
David Kennedy
Donna Lawrence
Carolyn Manning (Stanford Alumni Association)
Linda Meier
Derek Rosenfield
Existing Communications Electronic Final Campaign Report http://arue.stanford.edu Campaign Final Report Section:

Presidential intro (video)
Seeking Solutions examples (video)
Educating Leaders examples (video)
Foundation of Exellence (annual giving)
Schools progress sections (link to school-specific reports)
Initiatives progress sections
Leading Matters (photos, iTunes, "where are they now?" videos)
Prominent links to campaign honor rolls
Campaign facilities projects interactive map (http://magazine.uchicago.edu/0878/features/on_the_map.shtml)

Timeline: Jan '12: communication with key volunteers and donors
Feb/Mar '12: finale event(s); final $ total announced, honor roll finalized
Feb/Mar '12: press release
campaign final report (& school reports) sent
campaign website updated
Mar '12: campaign finale school Benefactors (GSB, Law, Medicine)
Spring '12: final STANFORD ad
Jun '12: campaign finale Stanford Benefactor (all-donor edition)

Questions: How should social media be used?
Should we include user-generated content?
Do we need donor profiles in campaign final report?
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