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Copy of History of the Internet

A timeline on the history of the Internet

Raeesah Hans

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of History of the Internet

HISTORY OF THE INTERNET 1957/8 The Advance Research Projects Agency was created as a direct response to the launch of sputnik by soviet Union, 1964 RAND Corporation publishes a report describing a Network that divided messages into segmants travelling independantly 1967 Donald Davies coined this process "Packet Switching" 1969 APRANET facilities the first packet-switiching between UCLA and SRI international, it was first used in Universities 1972 Email program is written by Ray Tomlinson and the @ symbol was introduced 1973 75% of all network traffic is Email 1978 the first Bulletin Board system was created 1979 BBS went online to the public allowing people to use a virtual notice board exchanging ideas and information 1984 The development of Domain name services is implemented in order for people to easly to identify and locate computers linked to the internet. 1990 Tim Berners Lee coined the term ' World Wide Web' 1993 Mosaic was released:the first commercial software that allowed graphical access to content on the Internet first Internet Web Browser 1982 The smiley - culture kickstarted 1994 Easynet opens UK's first cyber cafe 1995 Came about 1996 V 1998 Introduced 2001 Easynet is first UK procider to DSL services over an unbundled local loop 2004 Broadband outstrips dial-up access in UK for first time 2005 2006 TODAY Over 100 million websit,74% are in commercial or .Com domain 1.5 billion people online 71% of small businesses cannot survive longer than a day without the Internet 50% of UK agents are now asked about broadband speeds when enquiring about properties
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