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A Raisin in the Sun

No description

Makayla Grounds

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun
Makaykay, Brukelyn, Kym, and Ri>>i

Each character presents a different key point of the American Dream.

Each member of the family has hopes and/or dreams.
Mr. Younger- woman crazy but had a passionate love for his children (static)
Walter- bipolar and unsatisfied (dynamic)
Lena- blessed, hopeful, and Christian (dynamic)
Ruth- realist (dynamic)
Beneatha- big dreamer (dynamic)
Joseph- shows a real and true native background

George- He is the figure of what Walter wants to be; rich and black
Conflict Between Mama and Walter:
Mama is going to receive a large amount of insurance money from her husband's death. Walter wants Mama to give him the money but she would rather invest in a new home.
Conflict between Walter and Ruth:
crowded living space
marital issues
Conflicts Between Walter and Beneatha:

Beneath's dreams of becoming a doctor

Association With the American Dream:

Walter and Mama- Walter wants to be rich and live the American Dream but Mama is holding him back
Walter and Ruth- Again, Walter wants to be rich and live the American Dream, however things do not work out in his favor
Walter and Beneatha- Walter wants to be rich, Beneatha wants to be rich and successful
Central Conflict:

The central conflict of "A Raisin in the Sun" is money. A major part of the American Dream is wealth. Throughout this play, the characters wish to achieve the American Dream by bettering themselves and becoming wealthy.
Symbol: Joseph Assaigai

Scene: (Act 1, Scene 2)

Dialogue: "Nigeria is my country. Yoruba us my tribal orgin."

Meaning of the Symbol: African American Lifestyle
Symbol: George Murchison

Scene: Act 1, Scene 1

Dialogue: "He's-he's so shallow"

Meaning: George is the exact opposite of Joseph Assaigai
Symbol: Ruth Pregnancy

Scene: Act 1, Scene 2

Meaning: Hope for the family
Symbol: Beneatha's Hair

Scene: Act 1, Scene 2

Dialogue: "As crinkly as yours"

Meaning: Heritage
Symbol: Mr. Lind

Scene: Act 2, Scene 3

Dialogue: "...you people must be aware of some of the incidents... when colored people have moved into certain areas"

Meaning: White Society/Segregation
Symbol: The New House

Meaning: A New Beginning for the family
Symbol: Money for the Insurance Policy

Scene: Act 1, Scene 1

Dialogue: "That money belongs to Mama, Walter, and its for her to decide how she wants to use it"

Meaning: Long Term Dreams
Symbol: Lena's Plant

Scene: Act 1, Scene 1

Dialogue: "Like this little old plant that ain't never had enough sunshine or nothing- and look at it..."

Meaning: Lena's hopes and dreams for her family
Symbol: Eggs

Scene: Act 1, Scene 1


Meaning: You do not get everything you want in life
"We ain't business people Ruth, we just plain working folks"

This quote represents how that some people were not trying to be at the top. They were just trying to get by.
"Once upon a time freedom used to be life now money is life"

This quote means you need money to live a happy life.
Promethus is the Greek god of fire and anger. Walter relates to him because he is constantly angry.
Connection to the American Dream:

Mama- the pursuit of happiness
Walter- wealth
Ruth- pursuit of happiness
Beneatha- wealth and success
It helps us understand the American Dream by showing, African Americans look at "progress" as becoming equivalent to the white race instead of making "progress" focusing on becoming their own success.
The Younger's family wanted to be ranked higher in the social ladder.
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