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Avant-Intro to Rome

An introduction to Rome for 7th grade Eastern hemisphere.

Brian Avant

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of Avant-Intro to Rome

The Rise of Ancient Rome
Romulus and Remus
Where did the
Etruscans come from
No one knows.
The Roman Republic!
In a republic...
the citizens elect their own leaders.
The Roman Senate
Like our legislature
Patricians only club,
at first,
then they let the plebeians in, too.
Just a little joke but this is kinda how the Patricians viewed them.
The Roman Consuls
Like our president
Veto=I Forbid!
Patricians vs Plebeians
The Laws of the Twelve Tables
applied equally to all.
The Roman Army
This was carthage.
Rome took it all.
Then things got a little hinky.
Plebeians still couldn't get a fair shake.
Roman Generals had their own armies.
Consuls veto power wasn't respected
Patricians protected their own.
Civil War
Before you knew it...
Then came Julius Caesar
Sometimes Consuls could totally stop the government from functioning.
In emergencies, a dictator could be appointed. He had the powers of a king.
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