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ReBirth! (AI)

No description

Benjamin Tyner

on 18 September 2018

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Transcript of ReBirth! (AI)

Other Italian Renaissances
Mirandola's 'Oration'
"O empty glory of human powers! How short the time its green endures its peak, if it be not overtaken by crude ages! Cimabue thought to hold the field in painting, and now Giotto has the cry, so that the fame of the former is obscured."
Dante's Purgatory
"il Sommo Poeta"
3D + Emotion
The Families
Medici in Florence
Visconti and Sforza in Milan
Este in Ferrara
Gonzaga in Mantua
The Popes in Rome

Father of modern political realism
Ends justify the means (especially if the State’s existence is the end)
The Lion and the Fox
“The character of people varies and it is easy to persuade them of a thing, but difficult to keep them in that persuasion. And so it is necessary to order things so that when they no longer believe, that can be made to believe by force…Fortune is a woman, and it is necessary, if you wish to master her, to conquer her by force.”
Niccolo Machiavelli
Smarthistory on the Arena Chapel
Pope Leo X

"Since God has given us the papacy, let us enjoy it!"
Imagine! The great generosity of God! The happiness of man! To man it is allowed to be whatever he chooses to be! As soon as an animal is born, it brings out of its mother’s womb all that it will ever possess. Spiritual beings from the beginning become what they are to be for all eternity. Man, when he entered life, the Father gave the seeds of every kind and every way of life possible. Whatever seeds each man sows and cultivates will grow and bear him their proper fruit. If these seeds are vegetative, he will be like a plant. If these seeds are sensitive, he will be like an animal. If these seeds are intellectual, he will be an angel and the son of God. And if, satisfied with no created thing, he removes himself to the center of his own unity, his spiritual soul, united with God, alone in the darkness of God, who is above all things, he will surpass every created thing. Who could not help but admire this great shape-shifter? In fact, how could one admire anything else? . . .

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