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Final Year Students- Life After Graduation

No description

Sara Whittam

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Final Year Students- Life After Graduation

Sara Whittam, Careers Service Navigating the Recruitment Maze Ignore Headlines Direct your time & energy wisely

Study recruitment methods

Apply early
Confident or Arrogant? Work on Selling Yourself Nobody else is going to do it... "I have had a few responses and frankly I am appalled by the standard of them...It seems that none of the “applicants” to date have bothered to read the job description..and have just sent in a very poor quality and short covering letter. The worst case was a letter addressed to “to whom it may concern” and with the wrong company name in it.

I will not interview anyone that can’t be bothered to read the full JD and write a decent personalised letter – it does not bode well for the standard they would work to.

I worked in recruitment for a number of years and have also been heavily involved in the graduate recruitment programme at BP so I thought I’d seen it all – but I have been shocked by the responses received so far" Target Your Applications People flattered to be asked for advice Get Support Everyone has been in your situation

Use your whole network
You only need 1 job... Power through... ‘The quality of applications and the number of opportunities available pre-Christmas allowed us to make a large proportion of our offers by December.

This meant that those students who may have applied slightly later in the autumn term faced strong competition for fewer opportunities available.

I can’t stress strongly enough the importance of early applications.’
Louise West, BP ‘I sometimes wonder if students don’t realise that we consider applications before the closing date.’ ‘Our assessment centres and offers are done early, by November.’ Rachel Tonks, Laing O'Rourke 'We hold our assessment centres early – from November. We’ve found that candidates who accepted a job before Christmas actually seem to be less likely to reject the offer or renege than those who were offered a job after.’ Atkins Speculative Applications Recruitment Agencies Advertised Vacancies Social Media SMEs
68% used it and 85% will use it 45% of final year students did NOT apply for graduate level job

40% Other plans
28% Too busy
19% Didn't think I could get on
14% Didn't look attractive

Targetjobs Survey 2012 Recession still affecting some sectors Vacancies up 6% overall 41% of all employers prefer grads with Science, Engineering or technical background"

CBI 2012 UoB students targeted Know the Rules of the Game "if you get knocked back, try to stay positive. Most rejections are because your profile didn't match what the company was looking for, not because of a lack of skill or competence on your part" Aeronautical MEng 2005 Finance Airbus "I did spend four and a half months applying for jobs before I was offered my first position" Aeronautical MEng 2010, Cabot Design "Use all the University Careers Service has to offer, including information, practice interviews, aptitude tests and so on. Find out how to make the most of Careers Fairs and employer presentations and put plenty of effort and hard work into landing your dread job. It definitely does make a difference" Aeronautical MEng 2005 Qinetiq Evidence
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