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chapter 12

No description

marquiste howard

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of chapter 12

Foreign Affairs in the Young Nation 12.1 Introduction 12.2 President Washington Creates a Foreign Policy 12.3 Dilemma 1:What Should President Adams Do to Protect American Ships ? 12.4 What Happen : Adams Pursues Peace 12.6 What Happened :Jefferson Solves Half the Problem 12.7 Dilemma 3 :What Should President Madison Do to Protect Sailors and Settlers George Washington army was weak and replaced for two reasons . Congress recruited an army of 10,000 men with 12 new ships. Adams new the war would not be good for the country . France and Britain were back at war in 1803 both began seizing american ships that were trading with their enemy . Jefferson hated war but hated paying tribute even more.He sent a small fleet of warship men to the Mediterranean to protect american shipping. James Madison tried a new way to protect the americans . In this capter we learned about the foreign policy of the U.S . First the army would cost the government money.Second americans learned that being in the army could be used to take away their liberty. The new nation was surrounded The new nation was surrounded by unfriendly powers. French leaders hoped that Britain's refusal to leave would lead to war between England and the United States They had an XYZ Affair which cause the americans a lot of problems George Washington was honored for being the first leader in war ,peace, and first in hearts of his country men. Federalist gained support from all parts of the country Napoleon ended the seizure of american ships and the release of captured american sailors . He also agreed to end the alliance between France and the united states in 1778. 12.5 Dilemma 2 :How Should President Deal with Pirates Britain began impressing,or kidnapping , American sailors to serve in the british navy. When Jefferson became president the United states had paid the Barbary states almost $2 million Stephen Decatur , a young naval officer led a raiding party into the heavily guarded Tripoli harbor and set the ship afire. He offered France and Britain a deal : (if u stop attacking the americans they will stop trading with your enemies.) Madison started going to war with Britain and he abandoned Washington policy because that was the only way to force to stop. 12.8 What happened : Madison Launches the War of 1812 Madison chose to abandon isolationism.Congress declared war on Britain on July 17,1812. on September 10,1813 an american naval force officer under Oliver Hazard Perry defeated and captured a british fleet of six ships on Lake Erie. 12.8 A British fleet had surrendered to American forces after the battle of Lake Champlain in New York. The city was defended by General Andrew Jackson and a ragtag army of 7,000 militia,free African Americans ,Indians , and pirates. Neither Britain nor the United States won the war of 1812 even though both tried to claim victory. 12.9 Dilemma 4 :What Should President Monroe Do to Support the New Latin American Nations James Monroe became president in 1817. He was happy to turn the policy back to isolationism. Miguel Hidalgo was a priest who hated what the spaniards did to the poor Indians. 12.11 Chapter Summary We also learned about how Britain and the United States had differences but at the end they came together to help the Latin Americans Monroe made a policy in which he wanted people to leave the latin american alone.
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