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The Social Education of LGBT Teens

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Nicholas Howley

on 8 November 2011

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Transcript of The Social Education of LGBT Teens

The Social Education
of LGBT Teens Every day LGBT teens in the US are faced with
bullying in their schools which leads to a varying
degree of negative outcomes for these students. These students are exposed to homophobic remarks FAG HOMO Queer Gay And physical harassment and abuse All because of their sexual orientation or gender expression Development & Diversity During high school students are experiencing numerous developmental changes Development of a greater sense of self occurs at this time Teens are beginning to construct their identity based off of... Self Perception The Perception Of Others Social Standing For LGBT teens the added weight of dealing with sexual orientation can sometimes lead to detrimental developmental outcomes when they are not in a supportive environment. LGBT teens are 5x more likely
to suffer from depression than their
heterosexual counterparts Gay Males
68% use alcohol
44% use drugs
83% use alcohol
56% use other drugs
Approximately 80% of LGBT
students report severe issues with
i.e. social, emotion & cognitive "When I would go to lunch I would have to sit through 45 minutes of gay jokes and 'Oh my God, how could someone possibly be gay?!' A lot of the time I ate in the classroom by myself because I just couldn't stand it anymore."
(Warwick, RI student)
LGBT youth are 2-3 times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual counterparts.

Suicide is the leading cause of death among LGBT youths

LGBT youths account for 30% of teen suicides
Learning & Motivation LGBT students who experience high levels of bullying and do not feel safe in their educational environment have their education affected in multiple ways... Their GPA is typically a 1/2 point lower Are 3x more likely to miss school Have lower levels of self-esteem, and higher levels of depression Are less likely to pursue any post-secondary education Are less likely to feel a sense of belonging in their school community 2.7 versus 3.1 Classroom Strategies Supportive Student
Clubs & Organizations Gay/Straight Alliance (GSAs) Students in school systems with GSAs report:

-Fewer incidents of harassment and assault
-Fewer incidents of absenteeism
-Greater sense of belonging
-Fewer homophobic remarks experienced
Currently only 1/3 of students
report having a GSA on their campus Comprehensive Policies 85 % of instructors believe it is their duty to ensure a safe environment for their students
7 out of 10 believe that anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies that mention sexual orientation, gender and expression would further aid in creating/enforcing a safe environment.
(GLSEN School Climate in America) Supportive Staff 82% of students stated they could identify ONE supportive educator in their schools Only 36% of students stated they could identify several (6 or more) in their schools Inclusive Curriculum & Resources GLSEN Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network The Trevor Project/It Gets Better Project
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