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No description

Abi Corbyn

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of EPQ

Christmas Fundraiser
Abi Corbyn
Final Idea
My idea process
Initial Idea
- Summer
- Sports
- SUN!!!

- Christmas
- Fun games
- Seasonal fun

Why an event?
- Youth Worker
- Uni
- General Interest

Research time!
Highworth Magazine website
Young people
- Meetings with Lindsay
- Budget
- Risk Assessment
- Timetable
> Day
- Swindon advertiser
- Leaflets
Badge making
Craft Stall
Carol singing
Beat the goalie
Food and drink
Name the Teddy
3 legged race
Guess how many
Apple Dunking
Face Paint
Evaluation Sheets
Christmas Decorations
- Young people
- Friends
- Volunteers
- Youth Workers
External organisations
and businesses
> Open sessions
>Girls group
> Juniors
> Certificates
15th December; Let the madness begin!
- Preparation
- Volunteers
- Stalls
- Food and drink
- Attendance
- Money Raised
My expectations
What I have learnt from the day
The project overall
- 40 people
- £50
- How to manage young people
- Creative thinking
- Initiative
- Confidence
- Organisational skills
- Managerial skills
- My career
What did not go so well...
Skills I have
learnt from EPQ
> Athens
> Risk Assessment
> Being concise
> Prezi
> Future Career
Any Questions?
- Swindon Town Football Club
- Swindon College
- Businesses
- Mischievous volunteers
- External organisations
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