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TIME TRAVELER's WIFE Timeline, posted

No description

John W. Carroll

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of TIME TRAVELER's WIFE Timeline, posted

Saturday, October 26, 1991 (H=28, C=20)
Clare meets Henry in the Library for Henry's first time. October 26, 1991 Later that evening, they meet for dinner. They go back to Henry's apartment and have sex. October 27, 1991 The morning of Sunday, October 27, 1991
Clare and Henry wake up from their night together. Their present time relationship begins. June 16, 1963 June 16, 1963
Henry is born. Earlier that evening, June 16, 1968 (H=5 & 24)
5 YO and 24 YO Henry appear in the Museum. 24 YO Henry explains time travel to 5 YO Henry. June 16, 1968 Sunday, June 16, 1968 (H=5) It's Henry's birthday. He goes to a museum. He eats dinner with family. That same evening,
Henry has his first time travel experience and disappears. January 2, 1988, 4:03 a.m. Saturday, January 2, 1988, 4:03 a.m. (H=24)
24 YO Henry travels back to be with his 5 YO self when he has his first time travel experience. September 23, 1977 Friday, September 23, 1977 (H=36 & C=6) Henry has traveled back in time to the Meadow and figures out this is the first time they meet. February 9, 2000 Henry materializes with his bleeding lip. Henry laughs as he tells Clare that they just met for the first time September 29, 1977 Thursday, September 29, 1977 (C=6, H=35)
Clare prepares for Henry's second visit and he is late. June 7, 1973 Thursday, June 7, 1973 (H=27 & 9)
27 YO Henry teaches 9 YO Henry survival skills. December 10, 1978 Sunday, December 10, 1978 (H=15 & 15)
A 15 YO "present" Henry and a 15 YO "future" Henry meet in his room. ~1979 A 15 YO Henry goes back in time to see his younger 15 YO self. ~1998 35 YO Henry goes back to visit Clare for the second time and returns. ~1990 27 YO Henry goes back to teach 9 YO Henry survival skills and returns. September 28, 1982 September 28, 1982 (H=19)
Henry escapes from the police through time travel back to this time. November, 17, 1982 (H=19)
Henry is in the back of a police car and he escapes through time travel. November 17, 1982 Saturday, May 14, 1983 (C=11, almost 12)
Clare is a friend's birthday party and they play Ouija Board. May 14, 1983 April 12, 1984 Thursday, April 12, 1984 (H=36 & C=12)
Clare and Henry are playing chess and talking in the Meadow. ~1999 36 YO Henry goes back in time to visit Clare in the Meadow and returns. June 27, 1984 Wednesday, June 27, 1984 (C=13)
Clare goes to the Meadow 22 days before Henry is supposed to come. September 23, 1984 Sunday, September 23, 1984 (H=35 & C=13)
Clare and Henry are in the Meadow talking. ~1998 35 YO Henry goes back to visit Clare in the Meadow and returns. October 27, 1984 Saturday, October 27, 1984 (C=13 & H=43) Told from Clare's POV
Clare awakens to her name being called. She runs down to the Meadow to find Henry, her dad, and Mark together. February 2, 1987 Monday, February 2, 1987 (C=15 & H=38)
Clare and Henry meet in the reading room. ~2001 38 YO Henry goes back to visit Clare and returns. June 5, 1987 Friday, June 5, 1987 (C=16 & H=32)
Clare gets her license and she and Henry go to a party. Henry meets Helen. Clare almost wrecks the car. ~1995 32 YO Henry goes back to visit Clare and returns. July 12, 1995 Wednesday, July 12, 1995 (C=24 & H=32)
Henry travels back in time. September 27, 1987 Sunday, September 27, 1987 (H=32 & C=16)
Clare and Henry meet in the Meadow. She shows Henry the bruises from a guy she went on date with and they find the guy and duct tape him to a tree. September 28, 1987 Monday, September 28, 1987 (C=16)
Clare comes to school. In gym, everyone sees her bruises and then they begin to cheer for what she did to the guy. September 11, 1988 Sunday, September 11, 1988 (H=36 & C=17)
Clare and Henry are in the Meadow. She draws him and she writes the date on the portrait. January 12, 2000 January 13, 2000 (H= 36 & C=28)
Henry wants to look at the portrait and the date and it is there. December 24, 1988 Saturday, December 24, 1988 (H=40 & C=17)
Henry tells Clare about his mother's fatal accident and how he goes back to the scene all the time. ~2003 40 YO Henry time travels back to visit Clare and returns. Saturday, December 24, 1988 (H=25)
Henry goes to a bar and ends up waking up in a hospital bed because of alcohol intake. April 8, 1989 Saturday, April 8, 1989 (C=17 & H=40)
Clare and her Grandma go for a walk in the Meadow. Henry appears and he meets Grandma. ~2003 40 YO Henry time travels back to visit Clare and returns. November 30, 1991 Saturday, November 30, 1991 (H=28 & C=20)
Henry comes to Clare's apartment to have dinner with her and her friends. December 14, 1991 Saturday, December 14, 1991 (H=36)
Henry is beating up a man. Gomez is there. Henry tells him the truth about his time traveling. May 9, 2000 Henry materializes back in the book stacks. December 15, 1991 Sunday, December 15, 1991 (C=20)
Gomez tells Clare not to marry Henry and she says that doing that is not possible because she already has married him in the future. December 22, 1991 Saturday, December 22, 1991 (H=28 & 33)
Present Henry and a future Henry are together in his apartment. November 13, 1996 33 YO Henry time travels back to see his 28 YO self and returns. Saturday Evening (C=20, H=28 & 33)
28 YO Henry and Clare go to a concert where he runs into his ex. 33 YO Henry explains everything to Clare and then she returns back to 28 YO Henry. December 24-26, 1991 Tuesday, December 24-26, 1991 (C=20 & H=28)
Henry and Clare go to meet her family for Christmas at their house. Later on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
They have Christmas dinner and go to mass. Henry is not feeling well and ends up time traveling to the future. December 28, 1991 The Henry at the mass service travels to this Henry's apartment. This Henry assures him that he will make it back in time. May 9, 1992 Saturday, May 9, 1992 (H=28)
Henry's father is doing poorly. Henry asks for his mother's rings and his father eventually lets him have them. May 24, 1992 Sunday, May 24, 1992 (C=21 & H=28)
It's Clare's 21st birthday and Henry asks her to marry him. May 31, 1992 Sunday, May 31, 1992 (C=21 & H=28)
Henry brings Clare to meet his father and they have a nice dinner. June 10, 1992 Wednesday, June 10, 1992 (C=21)
Clare and Celia go to meet Ingrid and she storms out when she finds out that Clare and Henry are getting married. September 5, 1993 Sunday, September 5, 1993 (C=22 & H=30)
Henry is searching for medicine to prevent him from time traveling during the wedding. September 6, 1993 Monday, September 6, 1993 (H=30)
Henry goes to a friend's house to get him to make a drug that could help him during the wedding. September 27, 1993 Monday, September 27, 1993 (C=22 & H=30)
Clare walks in to find Henry rigid on the ground from the drugs. She calls 911. October 22, 1993 Friday, October 22, 1993 (H=30)
While Clare is doing wedding preparation, Henry gets all his hair cut off. October 23, 1993 Saturday, October 23, 1993 (H=30 & C=22) 6:00 am-12:55 pm
It is the morning of their wedding. While getting ready, Henry time travels. 1:10 pm
Henry time travels to this time. 1:42 pm-8:48 pm (C=22, H=39 & 30)
Shortly before the wedding, Henry travels back in the past and future Henry comes to this present. Future Henry is the one that is married. Future and present Henry make a switch at the rehearsal. June 13, 1976 Sunday, June 13, 1976 (H=30)
Henry travels back to this time on his wedding day. ~2002 39 YO Henry travels back in time and returns. October 25, 1993 Monday, October 25, 1993 (H=30 & C=22)
Henry and Clare go to Chicago City Hall to get legally married. March 1994 March 1994 (C=22 & H=30)
Henry and Clare fall into a married routine. April 13, 1994 Wednesday, April 13, 1994 (C=22 & H=30)
Henry makes Clare watch the lottery because they have the winning numbers. Clare thinks it is cheating. May 18, 1994 Wednesday, May 18, 1994 (C=22 & H=30)
Henry and Clare go house shopping. Clare finally finds their house and buys it on the spot. July 9, 1994 Saturday, July 9, 1994 (H=31 & C=23)
Henry and Clare move into their new house. August 28, 1994 Sunday, August 28, 1994 (C=23 & H=31)
Henry, Clare, and Gomez go to the beach and a bookstore. January 15, 1995 Sunday, January 15, 1995 (C=23 & H=31)
Henry and Clare are making dinner and Henry disappears. February 3, 1995 Friday, February 3, 1995 (C=23, H=31 & 39)
Clare, Henry, Gomez, and Charisse are having a game night. At some point, Clare goes into the kitchen and present Henry is holding a cloth to the bleeding head of a future Henry. ~2002 39 YO Henry time travels back to his 31 year old self and returns. March 8, 1995 Wednesday, March 8, 1995 (H=31)
Henry just got back from time traveling and he is trying to put his clothes on while hiding from Matt in the book stacks. April 11, 1995 Tuesday, April 11, 1995 (H=31)
Henry talks about the Cage in the library. June 9, 1995 Friday, June 9, 1995 (H=31)
Henry time travels and then materializes in the men's room. His boss questions, but doesn't fire him. December 17, 1995 Sunday, December 17, 1995 (C=24 & H=8)
Clare is visiting Kimy. 8 YO Henry travels to them. ~1971 8 YO Henry time travels to the future to see Kimy. He then comes back. ~1973 31 YO Henry travels back to this time to Indiana. March 11, 1996 Monday, March 11, 1996 (H=32)
Henry finds Dr. Kendrick and has an appointment with him. It doesn't go well and Henry gives him the envelope. April 6, 1996 Saturday, April 6, 1996, 5:52 a.m. (H=32 & C=24)
Dr. K and his wife have the baby. He calls Henry and tells him to come to his office the next day. April 7, 1996 Sunday, April 7, 1996 (H=32 & C=24)
Henry goes to see Dr. K. They have a tense conversation. Henry walks out and disappears. Dr. K sees this and comes to talk to Clare. ~1971 32 YO Henry travels back to his room when he was 8 and talks to his younger self. April 12, 1996 April 12, 1996 (H=32)
Henry has his appointment with Dr. K and tells him everything. Spring, 1996 Spring, 1996 (C=24 & H=32)
Henry and Clare start trying to have a baby that she wants BADLY. ~1996 Henry travels back in time to Wisconsin and then returns. ~1966 33 YO Henry is in a tree thinking about the baby he and Clare want. June 3, 1996 Monday, June 3, 1996 (C=25)
Clare is bleeding She calls Charisse and Gomez and they come to take her to the doctor and she finds out that she has had a miscarriage. June 13-14, 1996 Thursday & Friday, June 13-14, 1996 (H=32)
Henry goes to Dr. K's office for the sleep lab. He ends up dreaming and time traveling and he comes back to the lab bleeding. October 12, 1997 October 12, 1997 (H=34 & C=26)
Clare has a miscarriage. February 16, 1998 February 16, 1998 (C=26 & H=34)
Dr. K figured out what genes cause the time traveling and he is going to put it into mice and cure them. August 12, 1998 Wednesday, August 12, 1998 (C=27)
Clare's mother passes away from cancer. September 12, 1998 September 12, 1998 (H=35 & C=27)
Clare is not taking her mother's death well and Henry notices. November 26, 1998 November 26, 1998 (C=27 & H=35)
Clare finds a poem that her mom wrote for her. Henry says that he has his old Clare back. December 31, 1999 Friday, December 31, 1999, 11:15 (H=36 & C=28)
Henry and Clare are at a New Year's Eve party. March 13, 1999 March 13, 1999 (H=35 & C=27)
Clare and Henry go to Gomez and Charisse's house. Gomez and Henry discuss Clare's multiple miscarriages. July 21, 1999 Wednesday, July 21, 1999 (H=36 & C=28)
Henry and Clare get into an argument. Henry storms off for a drive and walks out on a pier. He then disappears. While he is gone, police think Henry tried to kill himself. Clare comes and he materializes. September 8, 1998 September 8, 1998 (H=36)
Henry materializes in Kimy's kitchen. She tells him about her daughter that died from leukemia. January 14, 2000 Friday, January 14, 2000 (C=28 & H=36)
Dr. K reveals how he has solved the mice problem of the moms' and babies dying before birth. May 11, 2000 Thursday, May 11, 2000 (H=39 & C=28)
39 YO Henry sees Clare and tells her that they will have a baby in the future. ~2002 39 YO Henry goes back in time and returns. June 3, 2000 Saturday, June 3, 2000 (C=29 & H=36)
Henry tells Clare that he doesn't want her getting pregnant and having another miscarriage. June 9, 2000 Friday, June 9, 2000 (H=36)
Henry goes to the doctor to get a vasectomy. He disappears. July 29, 1979 November 19, 1986 November 19, 1986 (H=36 & C=15)
Henry and Clare share their (or more like her) first kiss in the Meadow. Later that day.
Henry apologizes for their first kiss. It is revealed that Clare ends up pregnant for the sixth time (which will result in a miscarriage) before Henry gets his vasectomy. September 2000 September 2000 (C=29)
Clare has very strange and disturbing dreams. September 23, 2000 Saturday, September 23, 2000 (C=29 & H=37
Clare is having a hard time with the baby problems. December 28, 2000 December 28, 2000 (H=33 & 37, C=29)
33 YO Henry has sex with Clare while she is hardly awake. ~1996 Henry travels to the future and sleeps with Clare. He then returns. February 12, 2001 Monday February 12, 2001 (H=37 & C=29)
Clare reveals to Henry that she is pregnant for the 7th time because of the time past Henry had sex with present Clare. February 20, 2001 Tuesday, February 20, 2001 (C=29 & H=37)
Clare is having morning sickness. August 20, 2001 Monday, August 20, 2001 (C=30 & H=38)
The baby is due in two weeks. Henry and Clare are picking out baby names. November 16, 2011 Wednesday, November 16, 2011 (H=38 & C=40)
38 YO Henry sees Alba, his daughter, for the first time. He discovers that she also time travels and that he died when she was 5 years old. Henry tries to see Clare because he knows he is dead to her right now, but he disappears before he can get to her. ~2001 Henry travels to the future and returns. August 24, 2001 7:20 p.m. Friday, August 24, 2001 (C=30 & H=38)
Henry tells Clare about seeing Alba and that she time travels like Henry. September 5-6, 2001 Wednesday & Thursday, September 5-6, 2001 (H=38, C=30)
Clare gives birth to Alba. September 11, 2001 Tuesday, September 11, 2001 (C=30 & H=38)
Henry knows what will happen on this day. They watch the news as the twin towers are attacked. June 11, 2002 Tuesday, June 11, 2002 (C=31)
Clare draws a touching and meaningful portrait of Alba. October 12, 2003 Sunday, October 12, 2003 (C=32 & H=40)
Clare thinks about how sometimes she's glad when Henry is gone, but she is also glad whenever he comes home. May 7, 2004 Friday, May 7, 2004 (H=40 & C=32)
It is the opening of Clare's exhibit. July 11, 2004 Sunday, July 11, 2004 (C=33 & H=41)
Henry has just come back from time traveling and he is laying on floor, bloody and bruised. December 24, 2004 Thursday, December 24, 2004 (C=33 & H=41)
Henry and Alba are seeing Santa. Clare runs into Dr. K. February 10, 2005 February 10, 2005 (C=33 & H=41)
Henry time travels to the past. May 24, 1989 Wednesday, May 24, 1989 (H=41 & C=18)
It is Clare's 18th birthday and they make love for her first time. April 14, 1990 Saturday, April 14, 1990 (C=18)
Clare and Gomez have sex and Clare regrets it. April 27, 1990 Friday, April 27, 1990 (H=26)
Henry and Ingrid, his girlfriend at the time, are at a concert and he runs into Gomez (who he doesn't know yet). February 18, 2005 Friday, February 18, 2004 (H=41 & C=33)
Henry and Charisse go to the opera. June 12, 2005 Sunday, June 12, 2005 (C=34 & H=41)
Alba gets a visit from future Alba. January 7, 2006 Monday, January 7, 2006 (C=34 & H=42)
Henry gets call from himself. He is in the cold in a parking garage. When they get there, they can't find him. June 15, 2006 Thursday, June 15, 2006 (C=35)
Clare is at a record store and buys Henry his mother's album for his birthday June 16, 2006 Friday, June 16, 2006 (H=43 & C=35)
It is Henry's birthday. Clare takes Henry to a private surprise dinner. June 28, 2006 Wednesday, June 28, 2006 (H=43 & 43)
Future Henry appears in the Cage at the library. His boss wants answers. In the meantime, present Henry is coming to work and when everyone sees him, they freak out. Henry is not fired. July 7, 2006 Friday, July 7, 2006 (H=43)
Dr. K tells Henry that he can't cure him, but he could possibly help Alba. July 14, 2006 Friday, July 14, 2006 (C=35 & H=43)
Henry got some of Alba's DNA to give to Dr. K. Henry reveals that he is "done" and finally Clare agrees to everything. August 2006 August 2006 (H=43)
Henry travels back in time and returns. January 7, 2006 (H=43)
Henry appears in this cold parking garage. He calls himself to come get him, but he disappears. September 24-27, 2006 Monday-Wednesday, September 25-27, 2006
Henry appears to Clare shivering. She takes him to the ER. Both his feet have to be amputated. October 17, 2006 Tuesday, October 17, 2006 (C=35 & H=43)
Henry is home from the hospital and doing horribly. October 18-19, 2006 Wednesday & Thursday, October 18-19, 2006 (C=35 & H=43)
Kimy helps Henry take a bath. October 26, 2006 Thursday, October 26, 2006 (C=35 & H=43)
Gomez brings Henry down to Clare's studio and she shows him the wings she has made for him. October/November 2006 October/November 2006
Henry has disturbing dreams. November 3, 2006 Friday, November 3, 2006 (C=35 & H=43)
Henry teaches Clare how to cook. December 18, 2006 Monday, December 18, 2006 (H=43 & C=43)
Henry travels back in time. January 2, 1994 Sunday, January 2, 1994 (H=43)
43 YO Henry is in Ingrid's apartment and this is the day she will commit suicide. He tries to prevent it, but he cannot. December 24, 2006 Friday, December 24, 2006 (H=43 & C=35)
Henry thinks about Clare's life without him. Henry goes to check on Alba. December 31, 2006 Sunday, December 31, 2006 (C=35 & H=43)
They are having a New Year's Eve party and Henry tells people "goodbye." He tells Clare that this is the end. They have an emotional embrace and then he disappears. Monday, January 1, 2007 (H=43 & C=35)
Henry arrives back to his present. He has been shot and he is dying. Clare and Alba are crying over him and he dies. January 1, 2007 February 2, 2007 Friday, February 2, 2007 (C=35)
Clare reads a letter from Henry that was for her to read after his death. July 12, 2008 Saturday, July 12, 2008 (C=37)
Clare and Gomez have sex. July 26, 2008 Saturday, July 26, 2008 (C=37)
Alba talks about how she will get to see Henry in August (through her time travel). Clare tries not to be envious of her. September 3, 1990 Saturday, September 3, 1990 (H=27)
Henry sees Alba, his future daughter who can time travel. He doesn't know her yet. Sunday, July 29, 1979 (H=42)
Alba and Henry are both time traveling. They are at the beach together. ~2005 42 YO Henry travels back in time and returns. December 4, 2008 Thursday, December 4, 2008 (C=37)
Clare is doing art in her studio. July 24, 2053 Thursday, July 24, 2053 (H=43 & C=82)
43 year old Henry comes to visit Clare. They share an emotional embrace. ~2006 43 YO Henry travels to the future and returns. July 14, 2053 Monday, July 14, 2053 (C=82)
Clare knows that Henry will be coming soon. The Time Traveler's Wife Timeline by Danielle Brinton Key: = Time Travel ~ This symbol and a year signifies an event that was not given a specific date in the book. "H=" is Henry's age
"C=" is Clare's age October 27, 1984 (C=13 & H=43) 43 YO Henry time travels back and hunters shoot him. He is dying, but before he is gone he time travels back to his present. "YO"=Years Old He makes it back in time. They have Christmas day festivities. The next day, they leave and go back to Chicago. Clare is lying in bed when Henry arrives from the past when they tied up the kid. She thanks him. Henry reappears. They drive off. That evening, Dr. K calls to schedule an appointment with Henry. January 13, 2000
Henry travels back to see Clare. Wednesday, February 9, 2000 (C=28, H=36)
Henry goes back in time to visit Clare. May 9, 2000 (H=36)
Henry time travels back. Henry gets back from making love with 18 year old Clare. She confesses that she had sex with Gomez in 1990. Monday, September 25, 2006 (C=35 & H=43)
Henry time travels back. He comes back to the present upset about what he has seen. Niffenegger, Audrey. The Time Traveler's Wife: A Novel.

San Francisco, CA: MacAdam/Cage, 2003. Print. The path follows Henry from his birth to his death.
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