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Fatalistic Suicide

No description

matthew brown

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of Fatalistic Suicide

Fatalistic Suicide
Fatalistic is a newer term used to describe what occurs in social conditions when the individual experiences pervasive oppression. It is caused by excessive regulation often by those whose passions are choked by
oppressive disipline.
- slaves
- prisoners
- overworked college students
- American middle class working men
- American middle class house wives
School Age suicides/killers: I cannot stand the harassment by the in-crowd, because I am different
- over-worked Japanese employees
- over-worked American executives
Fatalistic Suicide is the opposite of Anomic suicide, and appears in overly oppressive societies, causing people to prefer to die than to carry on living within their society.
People who commit fatalistic suicide feel oppressed
by the society around them.They feel constantly repressed, both physically and mentally, by those who enforce power over them. People who live in very oppressive countries or prisoners would be most likely to commit fatalistic suicide.But out of all the types of suicide fatalistic is the least popular.
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