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Avoidance of Aluminium products for prevention of brain dise

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Leo Mak

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Avoidance of Aluminium products for prevention of brain dise

Avoidance of Aluminium products for prevention of brain disease.
Aluminium (or aluminum) is a durable, lightweight, ductile and malleable metal. It is so chemically reactive that native specimens are rare and limited to extreme reducing environments. Compared to most other metals, it is difficult to extract from ore due to the high reactivity of aluminum its high melting point;this is also the reason why people believe this iron is extremely bad for the brain. This mere fact of aluminum being radioactive has lead millions of people; including medical facilities into thinking using aluminum products or eating anything with high amounts of aluminum would cause skin erosion and severe brain damage.
practice and the claims
Don't eat anything with traces of aluminum
Effectiveness of the practice
Not much detail or legit evidence is provided... most information is anecdotal. Only legitimate evidence is physicians discovering that most people with brain diseases has exactly the same amount of aluminium consumption as a healthy person.
The Placebo Effect
The placebo effect is the effect which happens after a placebo is eaten; the result is often being the patient being miraculously cured. The only explanation given for this effect taking place is because the body of the patient thinks medicine has been eaten therefore the body would rid any signs of the disease. The patient themselves then generate a superior cure, ridding the disease with moral and physical support from the placebo. Sadly the placebo effect does not relate to my experiment since there is no medicine or placebo which would be given to the patient.
Don't have contact with aluminum too often.
Eat plenty of food which removealuminum from the body.
Many people that have gone through this aluminum avoidance process have claimed to feel less irritated; they had fewer headaches and there were significant improvements in memory and the ability to concentrate.Many have also claimed that their children suffering from behavioral disorders, acted much better after going through the test.
The purpose of a double-blind experiment is so that neither the subject nor the administrator knows the important aspects of the experiments. A double-blind is extremely useful in experimenting because the results would not be bias, this is guaranteed since the admin and the subject wouldn’t know if the medicine is legit or a placebo.
Evidence for effectiveness of the practice
Results: Evidence was not trustworthy and very vague, most people were either posting anecdotes or they were anonymous meaning they could be lying or paid.
Anecdotal Evidence
This evidence is not very reliable and trustworthy, since the person themselves may be lying or they may have immunity to specific diseases. Although not scientifically proven to be helpful or correct, based on many anecdotes, the myth about aluminium has been going around for years and probably years to come.
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Evidence based medicine
evidence based medicine, is medicine which are specifically chosen after a number or tests, after the tests the medicine with the most sufficient data would be chosen and be used as evdence based medicine. Normally the evidence provided would be from the patient themselves, making the evidence as accurate as possible.
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