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Lord Of The Flies

Concept Map

Jake McCallum

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Lord Of The Flies

Ralph Jack Lord Of The Flies And Lost Concept Map Natural Leader Confident Pg 62 Jack Shephard Responsible Selfish Taking samneric from the fire to help him hunt ( neglecting the fire) careless Caring Relentless stratgetic Brave Brave hunt power determined Jack is selfish because he took Samneric away from watching thesignal fire (Golding Jack is determined after not killing the boar in his first encounter with it. This occured in chapter 1, and William Golding writes: " They Knew very well why he hadn't; because of the enormity of the knife descending and cutting into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood. (Golding 29). Intelligent Jack is a natural leader since he helped give relief to many of the survivors and for breaking up the fight between Swayer and Sayid. Jacks caring because he's taken care of the survivors
and he oftens takes others peoples problems and makes them his problems and resolves them. An example of this is when Jack Swayer Swayer is selfish as he made a
hut just for him self also for taking Shannons belongings. Swayer is brave; as the other survivors were runing when they could hear the monster, instead he waited for it and shot it to death. The sad part was it was an Polar bear. John Locke Ralph is intelligent because when him,jack and simon go
go searching the Island to determine if in the first place it was an island Ralph suggest Jack is very rentless because
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