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Hostel management system

No description

eman tariq

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Hostel management system

Group Members:
Iqra Tariq
Nayab Khalil
Aman Ashraf
Final Year Project

Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's University Hostel Management System
Selection Sort
Selection Sort is a sorting algorithm that sorts data items into ascending or descending order,
starts by finding the minimum value in the array and moving it to the first position. This step is then repeated for the second lowest value, then the third, and so on until the array is sorted.
Scope & purpose
This system is designed in favor
A Web Based System that Enables the students to make Online Hostel Registration.
Provide an account to each student so they can cope hostel facilities easily.
It assist the Hostel management to keep all detail of the Hostel student record as well as visitors record online to make it easy to maintain.

This particular project deals with the problems on
"managing a hostel and avoids the problems which occur when carried manually."
To improve the systems we have kept in mind the demands of the organization
Hardware & Software Configuration
Hardware configuration

DualCore Processor
1366 * 768 Resolution Color display
This is not the “System Requirements”.

Development End
Tool used:Visual Basic2010
.net framework 4.0
Front-end : ASP.net
Back-end: VB.net
Existing System
Records are handwritten.
not well maintained .
Time consuming.
Difficult to maintain.
Difficult to retrieve details,record easily.
Proposed System
enables warden to Computerized store the details of Hostel student.
Only "Admin(warden)" have authentication to maintain the Student record as well as gate account.
Provide an account to each student so they can cope hostel facilities easily.

SBKWUHMS offer a full featured system to efficiently manage the entire residential facility in the institute.
HostelStudent information
Student details
Room allocation/availability
Room shifting
Student in and out attendance
Visitor Record
Notice Board

SBKWUHMS has following Modules.
Admin Module
Gate Module
Student Module

Admin Module
The Administrator can :
Accept / reject addmissions
Allot the Rooms.
Edit the details of the students & modify the student records
Send Notice to the Students.
can respond to students complaints
Generate Reports about Student ,visitor and hostel rooms.
Add new Rooms.
Student Module
Online registration
Create account
enable to view application approval and
Alloted room detail online
enable to view notice alert
enable to submit complain or feedback online
Gate Module
It keeps track of following
Person to meet wise
Allow the hostel students to go outside with authenticated Person.
Add new visitors in student record.
The proposed system overcome the drawbacks of Existing system:
Less human error
· Strength and strain of manual labour can be reduced
· High security
· Data consistency
· Easy to handle
· Easy data updating
· Easy record keeping
· Backup data can be easily generated
Remaining Tasks
Crystal Reporting
Gate Module
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