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Mentality for Tactical Thinking

Tennis Presentation on how mentality effects tactical thinking

Philip Newbury

on 18 March 2010

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Transcript of Mentality for Tactical Thinking

Mentality for Tactical Play What would 18yr old
you play like? Get to know
your opponent What stops a player
recognising that ball? Your key ball How do you win
points? Strong link to LTPD Helps player gain task focus & build skills to the future What would we see? Think shots, movements, skills & attitude Shows the player the path to achieving or becoming the player they want to be Look before & after each point - who are you playing? Info you receive from points & opponent is the basis for tactical decisions All things being equal the player who works out their opponent wins If an oppoent is focused on themselves or beating themselves avoid distracting them or re-focusing their intentions on beating you This can be done through giving a bad line call or getting pumped up at the wrong time Shifts the focus off self. Me me me, I should have etc Puts focus on opposition & trying to beat them I already know my game I want to work out theirs. Like cards in poker, if I know their hand I know how to play mine Distractions of the match/playing environment - line calls, triedness, frustration, anger etc Its only a distraction if its allowed to be Develop tools to deal with distractions and keep focused -breathing and physical triggers Play with conscious effort to identify and pounce on ideal ball - ideal ball ideal position Practice off that key ball, be able describe that ball for coaches to feed - spin, speed, distance, direction, height Competition between players for best quality off ideal ball, of other player's ideal ball What are the key elements, shots or balls to receive in your point? This ia an ideal so expect success, then work on flexibility around that ball type Do all points look the same? No - why can you make that point work for you - strengths/patterns Think what your highlight point would be on TV. What kind of point would sum you up as a player? PLay looking to create/make that point happen If you get that point show it with a high fist, nearly their so it with a lower fist
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