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My Plate

No description

Alyssa Atanacio

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of My Plate

By Alyssa Atanacio MyPlate What Does MyPlate Tell Us? Fruit &Vegetables Foods to Avoid Fruits Why are fruits so important? Fruits Vegetables Grains Protein Dairy Can you spot the difference? Vegetables Vegetable Categories Can you think of more? Examples Dark Green Vegetables
Starchy vegetables
Red & Orange Vegetables
Beans & Peas Grains What is the difference? Protein Make sure to: Meat
Beans and Peas
Soy products
Nuts and Seeds It is important to: Whole grains Whole Grains VS Refined Grains Refined grains Remember: Choose WHOLE GRAINS instead of refined grains Choose Lean Options Types of Protein Dairy Choose Types Low-fat
Fat-free Types of Fruit Healthy and Yummy Snacks Make half of your plate fruits and vegetables Finally Remember: Play outside and have fun! Natural sugars Vitamins & Minerals Fiber Can you think of any more? The END
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