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Snapdeal.Com Welcomes You

No description

Rishu Mehta

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Snapdeal.Com Welcomes You

Order Cycle Once Seller get On-Board
You will manage your product MRP & Selling Price by using pricing panel.

Your Net Seller Payable amount (amount you will receive on the sale of a particular product) will be calculated by deducting following charge from Selling Price of your product:

Snapdeal’s Margin Amount
Collection Charges
Logistics Cost
Other Miscellaneous charges( in case of promotional activities)

Payment Cycle
We release payment as per defined payment cycle.

For eg:- Suppose Payment cycle is (7+10)d.
(7+10)d means that if your product is delivered to customer from 1st to 7th of any month, you will be paid on 17th i.e. 10 days from 7th in the same month. Similarly if product is delivered from 8th to 15th you will receive the payment on 25th. And so on.

Business/ Fulfillment Modes
Drop shipping is a fulfilment mode in which our courier partners collect their respective orders from the seller and deliver them to customers directly, (4 courier partners – 4 Manifest).


In one ship, our rider team collect all the orders from seller, keep it in the snapdeal warehouse and provide them to the concerned courier partners who then deliver the orders to customers, (4 courier partners – 1 Manifest, 3 HOS).

Vendor Self
Vendor self is a fulfilment mode where in sellers ship their orders on their own. They have their own corporate accounts with the courier companies.

Online Marketplace
An online marketplace is a type of e-commerce site where product and inventory information is provided by multiple sellers over an e-commerce site. It is similar to displaying your products in a mall.

In an online marketplace, consumer transactions are processed by the marketplace order processing panels and then delivered and fulfilled by the participating sellers. On the basis of delivery of products payments are released to sellers account.
Snapdeal.Com Welcomes You
Seller Panels
We have different panels from where you can process requested orders, maintain your product price and inventory.

Shipping Panel
Panel where you can find new orders and process requested orders

Price Panel
To manage MRP & Selling price of products

Inventory Panel
To maintain e-inventory of products at snapdeal website

Content Panel
Upload your product details & images at snapdeal website

Sell an Existing Panel
You can register yourself for selling products which are already present at snapdeal
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