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Shared Reading

Text Savvy Format

Deanna Duray

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Shared Reading

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Having a First Glance Doing a Double Take Filling in the Picture Digging Deeper Getting the Big Picture Previewing the text
and having expectation Connecting
Using our Schema Visualizing Inferring Synthesizing SHARED READING 2012-2013 Ideas for future shared reading (NOVEMBER)
Veteran Poem
Exerpt from A Journey to a New World Ideas for DECEMBER
TRAVEL Brochure
Explorers? Walk On! a guide for babies of all ages
by Marla Frazee Fireflies

You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep
Cause they'd fill the open air
And leave tear drops everywhere
You'd think me rude but I would just stand and

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns, slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
Cause everything is never as it seems

Cause I'd get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach my how to dance
A foxtrot above my head
A sock-hop beneath my bed
The disco ball is just hanging by a thread
(Thread, thread...)

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns, slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
Cause everything is never as it seems
(When I fall asleep)

Leave my door open just a crack
(Please take me away from here)
[ Owl City Lyrics are found on www.songlyrics.com ]
Cause I feel like such an insomniac
(Please take me away from here)
Why do I tire of counting sheep?
(Please take me away from here)
When I'm far too tired to fall asleep

To ten million fireflies
I'm weird cause I hate goodbyes
I got misty eyes as they said farewell
(Said farewell)
But I'll know where several are
If my dreams get real bizarre
Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar
(Jar, jar, jar...)

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns, slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
Cause everything is never as it seems
(When I fall asleep)

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns, slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
Because my dreams are bursting at the seams This will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with a new meaning, "My country, 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim's pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring."
And if America is to be a great nation this must become true. So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire. Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York. Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania!
Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado!
Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California!
But not only that; let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia!
Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee!
Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi. From every mountainside, let freedom ring.
And when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!" The first week of August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning. The weeks that come before are only a climb from balmy spring, and those that follow a drop to the chill of autumn, but the first week of August is motionless, and hot. It is curiously silent, too, with blank white dawns and glaring noons, and sunsets smeared with too much color. Often at night there is lightning, but it quivers all alone. There is no thunder, no relieving rain. These are strange and breathless days, the dog days, when people are led to do things they are sure to be sorry for after.
- from Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt Music & Lyrics: George R. Newall

Got home from camping last spring.
Saw people, places and things.
We barely had arrived,
Friends asked us to describe
The people, places and every last thing.
So we unpacked our adjectives.

I unpacked "frustrating" first.
Reached in and found the word "worst".
Then I picked "soggy" and
Next I picked "foggy" and
Then I was ready to tell them my tale.
'Cause I'd unpacked my adjectives.

Adjectives are words you use to really describe things,
Handy words to carry around.
Days are sunny or they're rainy
Boys are dumb or else they're brainy
Adjectives can show you which way.

Adjectives are often used to help us compare things,
To say how thin, how fat, how short, how tall.
Girls who are tall can get taller,
Boys who are small can get smaller,
Till one is the tallest
And the other's the smallest of all.

We hiked along without care.
Then we ran into a bear.
He was a hairy bear,
He was a scary bear,
We beat a hasty retreat from his lair.
And described him with adjectives.

}} {Whoah! Boy, that was one big, ugly bear!}

{You can even make adjectives out of the other parts of speech, like
verbs or nouns. All you have to do is tack on an ending, like "ic"
or "ish" or "ary". For example, this boy can grow up to be a huge
man, but still have a boyish face. "Boy" is a noun, but the ending
"ish" makes it an adjective. "Boyish": that describes the huge
man's face. Get it?}

Next time you go on a trip,
Remember this little tip:
The minute you get back,
They'll ask you this and that,
You can describe people, places and things...
Simply unpack your adjectives.
You can do it with adjectives.
Tell them 'bout it with adjectives.
You can shout it with adjectives. Today I Got a Valentine
from everyone but Kay.
But that's alright...
I never liked her that much anyway.

She never trades her Oreos.
She isn't good at catch.
She doesn't like my favorite bands.
Her socks don't often match.

She doesn't play computer games.
She wears her hair in braids.
She's something of a teacher's pet
and always gets good grades.

She dots her i's with little hearts.
She's always reading books.
Whenever I'm around, she gives me
such confusing looks.

But, oh my goodness, here comes Kay,
and what is this I see?
It seems she has an extra special
Valentine for me.

It's big and red has the words
"Will you be mine today?"
I always said there's no one else
I like as much as Kay.
--Kenn Nesbitt Is sitting there on your bottom getting boring?
Has laying around all the time become entirely unacceptable?
It is time to learn how to walk!
The first thing you've got to do is stand on your own two feet.
It sounds easier than it is.
You will need support.
This is tricky because sometimes what you think will support you won't.
Be careful of things that are wobbly.
You don't want anything to fall on top of you.
Stay away from fragile stuff, too.
You don't need something new to cry about.
Now. Get a grip. Pull yourself up. Stand.
Are your knees buckling? That's okay.
Straighten up. See how different everything looks from here?
Find your balance. It may take some time.
Remember to breathe. Feel the sway, but don't let it tip you over. When you think you've got it... let go!
Ooops. It is very common to fall down.
Hey, it's okay. Go ahead and cry if it helps.
Feel better now?
You can try again, but first, run down the checklist: are your socks bunching up? are your shoes too tight or too loose? is your diaper weighing you down?
Fix whatever you can before you start over.
One you can stand up without holding on to anything, get ready to take that first step.
Make sure the path ahead if you is clear. You don't want any obstacles blocking your way or any rough patches tripping you up.
Block out all those voices saying: "Come on! It's easy! Let's go already. What are you waiting for? Don't just stand there. This is boring. You can do it! Now! Don't be scared! GO!"
Only begin when YOU are ready.
IMPORTANT! Don't look down at your feet. Look toward where you want to go. Imagine yourself as already there.
Then... when the time is right for you...
Take the first step. And another. And another. It gets easier, huh?
Baby, you are walking! Beautiful. Are tornado fatalities increasing?

No. In fact, there has been a long-term downward trend in tornado deaths in the United States, in spite of a steadily increasing population. In 1993, a then-record number of 957 severe thunderstorm and tornado watches were issued by the National Severe Storms Forecast Center (now named the Storm Prediciton Center), but the death toll from severe thunderstorms and tornadoes dropped to 33, well below the 30-year average of 82 fatalities. In the pre-forecast days in the 1930s, tornadoes alone killed almost 200 people each year. My Chicken's On the Internet
Kenn Nesbitt

My chicken's on the Internet.
She surfs the web all day.
I've tried to stop her browsing
but, so far, there's just no way.

She jumps up on the mouse
and then she flaps around like mad
to click on every hyperlink
and every pop-up ad.

She plays all sorts of chicken games.
She messages her folks.
She watches chicken videos
and forwards chicken jokes.

She writes a blog for chickens
and she uploads chicken pics.
She visits chicken chat rooms
where she clucks about her chicks.

I wouldn't mind so much
except my keyboard's now a wreck.
She hasn't learned to type yet;
she can only hunt and peck.

© 2009 Kenn Nesbitt. All rights reserved. My hamster has a skateboard.
When he rides it, though, he falls.
He takes off like a maniac
and crashes into walls.

He screams, "Geronimo!"
and then goes crashing down the stairs.
He's good at knocking tables down
and slamming into chairs.

He'll slalom through the living room
and then you'll hear a, "Splat!"
which means that he's collided with
my mother or the cat.

He plows right into cabinets,
and smashes into doors,
I think he's wrecked on every bed
and every chest of drawers.

It's fun to watch him ride
because you're sure to hear a smash.
He doesn't skate so well but, boy,
he sure knows how to crash.
--Kenn Nesbitt A Light Exists in Spring

~Emily Dickinson

A Light exists in Spring
Not present on the Year
At any other period --
When March is scarcely here

A Color stands abroad
On Solitary Fields
That Science cannot overtake
But Human Nature feels.

It waits upon the Lawn,
It shows the furthest Tree
Upon the furthest Slope you know
It almost speaks to you.

Then as Horizons step
Or Noons report away
Without the Formula of sound
It passes and we stay --

A quality of loss
Affecting our Content
As Trade had suddenly encroached
Upon a Sacrament. Sayings & Phrases

Bite the hand that feeds you

Catch fourty winks

Chip on your shoulder

Count your blessings

Every cloud has a silver lining

The grass is always greener on the other side

Kill two birds with one stone

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

Read between the lines

Time heals all wounds Albuquerque Is a Turkey

Albuquerque is a turkey,
And he's feathered and he's fine.
And he wobbles and he gobbles,
And he is absolutely mine.
He's the best pet that you can
get -
Better than a dog or cat.
He's my Albuquerque turkey
And I'm might proud of that! Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul,
With a corn cob pipe and a button nose
And two eyes made out of coal.

Frosty the snowman was a fairy tale they say,
He was made of snow but the children know
How he came to life one day.

There must have been some magic
in that old silk hat they found,
For when they placed it on his head
He began to dance around. Double Time

One, one, two
Two, two, four
Three, three, six
Four, four, eight
Five, five, ten
Six, six, twelve
Seven, seven, fourteen
Eight, eight, sixteen
Nine, nine, eighteen
Ten, ten, twenty!
Double time!
Double time! 1+1=2
10+10=20 The Creature in the Classroom
by Jack Prelutsky

It appeared inside our classroom
at a quarter after ten,
it gobbled up the blackboard,
three erasers and a pen.
It gobbled teacher's apple
and it bopped her with the core.
"How dare you!" she responded.
"You must leave us... there's the door."

The creature didn't listen
but described an arabesque
as it gobbled all her pencils,
seven notebooks and her desk.
Teacher stated very calmly,
"Sir! you simply cannot stay.
I'll report you to the principal
unless you go away!"

But the thing continued eating,
it ate paper, swallowed ink.
As it gobbled up our homework,
I believe I saw it wink.
"OUT!" she shouted at the creature.
The creature hopped beside her
and GLOPP... it gobbled teacher. Presidents' Day

what came before,
we raise our flags
in peace, in war.

their names, their birth -
we fuse stone monuments
to earth.

the brave, the great,
we mark these days
to celebrate.

that we are free-
we write their lives
in history. Never Mind, March

Never mind, March, we know
When you blow

You’re not really mad
Or angry, or bad;

You’re only blowing the winter away
To get the world ready for April and May. Outside / Inside

Outside, the sky is cracking,
The leaves are snapping,
The flag is slapping.
Inside, we are coloring maps.

Outside, the wires are strumming,
The air is humming,
A storm is coming.
Inside, we are doing the states.

Outside, I would shout into the wind,
I would twirl, dance, and spin,
Feel the rain against my skin.
Inside, I am making Michigan blue. What Am I?

What lives in the jungle?
I am long and live in the river.
I have a BIG mouth and TERRIBLE teeth.
What am I? (A Crocodile.)

I have big ears and a long nose.
I have small eyes and long tusks.
What am I? (An elephant.)

I live in the trees.
I can swing and climb.
I eat fruit and nuts.
What am I? (A monkey.)

I can climb trees.
I am yellow with black spots.
What am I? (A leopard.)

I slither and slide.
I can climb trees.
I eat birds and eggs.
What am I? (A snake)

I can fly.
I can catch and eat monkeys.
What am I? (An eagle.)

I can find all the animals in the jungle.
Can you? I am looking out of the window.
I see so many beautiful things.
I see trucks and cars,
And flowers and plants,
And people.
I like looking out of the window.
People are such beautiful things.

Mattie Stepanek -September 1993 from Freckle Juice by Judy Blume

After breakfast Andrew raced back to his bedroom. He opened his desk drawer and looked for a brown magic marker. All he could find was a blue one. It was getting late. Blue would have to do. He put the magic marker in his lunch box and headed for school. He stopped two blocks before he got there. He studied his reflection in a car window. Then he took out the magic marker and decorated his whole face and neck with blue dots. Maybe they didn't look like Nicky Lane's freckles, but they sure looked like something!! You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.
You really are a heel.
You're as cuddly as a cactus,
You're as charming as an eel.
Mr. Grinch.

You're a bad banana
with a greasy black peel.

You're a monster, Mr. Grinch.
Your heart's an empty hole.
Your brain is full of spiders,
You've got garlic in your soul.
Mr. Grinch

I wouldn't touch you, with a
thiry-nine-and-a-half foot
pole. from... The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by A. Wolf

But like I was saying, the whole Big Bad Wolf thing is all wrong. The real story is about a sneeze and a cup of sugar.
This is the real story.
Way back in Once Upon a Time time, I was making a birthday cake for my dear old granny. I had a terrible sneezing cold. I ran out of sugar.
So I walked down the street to ask my neighbor for a cup of sugar. Now this neighbor was a pig.
And he wasn't too bright, either.
He had built his whole house out of straw. Can you believe it? I mean who in his right mind would build a house of straw?
So of course the minute I knocked on the door, it fell right in. I didn't want to just walk into someone else's house. So I called, "Little Pig, Little Pig, are you in?" No answer.
I was just about to go home without the cup of sugar for my dear old granny's birthday cake. That's when my nose started to itch. I felt a sneeze coming on. Well I huffed. And I snuffed. from Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary

Ellen Tebbits was in a hurry. As she ran down Tilamook Street with her ballet slippers tucked under her arm, she did not even stop to scuff through the autumn leaves on the sidewalk.
The reason Ellen was in a hurry was a secret she would never, never, tell.
Ellen was a thin little girl, with dark hair and brown eyes. She wore bands on her teeth and her hair was scraggly on the left side of her face, because she spent so much time reading and twisting a lock of hair around her finger as she read.
She had no brothers or sisters and, since Nancy Jane had moved away from next door, there was no one her own age living on Tillamook Street. So she had no really best friend. She did not even have a dog or cat to play with, because her mother said animals tracked in mud and left hair on the turniture.
Of course Ellen had lots of friends at school, but that was not the same as having a best friend who lived in the same heighborhood and could come over to play after school and on Saturdays. Today, however, Ellen was almost glad she did not have a best friend, because best friends do not have secrets from one another. She was sure she would rather be lonely the rest of her life than share the secret of why she had to get to her dancing class before any of the other girls. Electronic Christmas

I asked for new gadgets for Christmas.
My list was a hundred lines long.
I figured I might as well try it.
Why not? I mean, what could go wrong?

My parents bought all that I wanted:
An iPod, a big-screen TV,
a camera, a laptop computer,
a Playstation, Xbox, and Wii.

I got a new Kindle, a smart phone,
an RF remote-controlled car,
a robot, a video camera,
a brand new electric guitar.

But those things were just the beginning.
This Christmas, I had such a haul,
it took me all morning, and then some,
to finish unwrapping it all.

A hundred new gadgets to play with.
I couldn't be bothered to wait.
The moment I plugged them all in, though,
it blew every fuse in the state.

If you're spending Christmas in darkness,
and can't play your video game,
I'm sorry for all of the trouble;
it's probably me who's to blame.

I know now I shouldn't be greedy,
so, next year, I think you'll be fine.
Instead of a hundred new gadgets,
I'm asking for just ninety nine.
--Kenn Nesbitt Movies...


The Chipmunks are hitting the high seas. In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked,
opening December 16, the brothers set sail on a cruise. But the trip goes south
when Alvin gets them stuck on a desert island. JESSE MCCARTNEY voices youngest
'munk Theodore. If Theo were in charge, they wouldn't be stranded. "There'd just
be a lot of eating," McCartney says.

A Ship's Secret

Get ready for some good, old-fashioned fun with The Adventures of Tintin, from
director STEVEN SPIELBERG. The 3-D movie follows young reporter Tintin as he
tries to solve the secret of the Unicorn, a model ship that everyone is after.
The film, opening December 21, is based on a classic comic-book series by
Belgian artist Hergé. "Tintin will stop at nothing to get a good story," Spielberg says. Sweet Home Scotland
Two giant pandas from China head to the Edinburgh Zoo, in Scotland
DECEMBER 16, 2011
By TIME For Kids Staff

Two giant pandas from China flew on the "Panda Express" on December 4. The special charter plane took them to their new home at Edinburgh Zoo, in Scotland. They are the first pandas to live in the United Kingdom in 17 years.

The eight-year-old pandas are Tian Tian and Yang Guang, or "Sweetie" and "Sunshine." They are on loan from China for 10 years at a cost of nearly $1 million a year. The well-loved bears are expected to boost tourism to Scotland.

Zoo officials hope the panda pair, a male and female, will produce cubs during their stay. Pandas are one of the most endangered species in the world. And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow,
I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the
true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident,
that all men are created equal."

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former
slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together
at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering
with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed
into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where
they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today! Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom - Chapter 8
Trying not to panic, Frankie carefully picked up his wounded warrior. The leg dangled by a sliver of metal-colored plastic. There was only one person who would know how to save him.
Frankie spun around, slipping on a Yugi-mon card. Somehow he stayed on his feet, knocking over a pyramid of empty juice boxes in the process. He ran past Piper's room. She was busy arranging her cleats according to season. "Have you seen Dad?" said Frankie. "Nope." said Piper.
Mom passed Frankie in the hallway. "Did you need something?" she said. Frankie hid GoGo Robo behind his back. If he couldn't deal with this consequence himself, he'd have to go back to cleaning his room.
"Nothing in particular," he said. "You know, guy stuff."
"Okay." Mom continued on her way.
Frankie went downstairs. Lucy sat in her play yard watching her favorite TV show, Avril the Traveler.
"Bonjour, mes amis!" said the animated girl with the melon-shaped head. "Let's travel together!" No sign of Dad here. Frankie headed for the garage. What Time?
It is 3:30 P.M. Jeff works in a factory making computer parts. He can make 60 parts every 5 minutes. Jeff has agreed to make 300 more parts before he goes home. At what time can he stop work?

How Many Handshakes?
On the first day of school everyone in your classroom wanted to shake hands so that they could get to know everyone else. How many handshakes were there?

Making Outfits
In your closet you have three shirts and two pairs of pants. How many different outfits can you make? The Tiniest Frog

Researchers have discovered the smallest frog species on Earth in the tropical forests of
Papua New Guinea. The frog is about a quarter of an inch long. Its tiny size makes it the
world's smallest vertebrate, or animal with a back bone.
"We found it by grabbing a whole handful of leaf litter and putting it into a clear plastic
bag and very, very slowly going through that litter leaf by leaf until we saw that small
frog hop off one of those leaves," said Louisiana State University herpetologist
Christopher Austin.
The frog is so tiny it can sit on a U.S. dime with room for other small frogs! Mary Pope Osborne Branches Out with the Magic Tree House
by Shannon Maughan

What would you do if you saw a cool-looking tree house in the woods? Would you climb up the ladder to investigate? That's exactly what Jack and Annie do in the Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne. When Jack and Annie crawl inside the tree house, they find piles of books about fascinating places. And when they flip through the books and use their imaginations, Jack and Annie discover that the tree house is magic --- it sends them flying through time for adventures in the past and even in the future.

The books have been a smashing success since the first one was published in 1992. To date more than 1800 kids belong to the Magic Tree House Fan Club and there are even lots of teachers who use the books in their classrooms. We recently asked author Mary Pope Osborne a few questions about the series and here's what she had to say.

Kids Reads: Where did the idea for the Magic Tree House come from?

Mary Pope Osborne: Well, Random House [Osborne's publisher] had suggested that I try writing a series, but they didn't say what kind. At first I thought it might be boring to write lots of books with the same characters, but then I decided it would be fun to write about all the things I like. I love history, magic, and mythology, and I used to play make-believe games with my brothers all the time when we were kids.
It took almost a year for me to come up with the actual tree house idea. One day I was walking on a country road with my husband and we saw an old tree house. It was then that I settled on the idea of time travel.

Kids Reads: What do you try to achieve in each of The Magic Tree House books?

Mary Pope Osborne: I'm always aiming for a combination of fun, adventure and learning. Kids who read the books use their imaginations to travel with Jack and Annie and they come back with knowledge they didn't have before.

Kids Reads: The Magic Tree House books seem to be a hit with both boys and girls. Is that something you were trying to achieve?

Mary Pope Osborne: When I was little I played with my brothers constantly --- my twin brother and our younger brother --- constantly. We were a military family so we traveled much of the time. I think I saw things through my brothers' eyes as much as through my own. I think of Jack and Annie as very close, like twins. They both have different strengths and together they make a whole, just like twins Pony Express

When people moved west in covered wagons, things came slowly. Letters and news took a long time to get from one side of the country to the other. People had to wait for months to hear news from other places. Sometimes the mail took as long as one year, and other times it didn't arrive at all.

The Pony Express was established in 1860 to help mail and news move quickly from one place to another. Riders brought mail and messages to people who were willing to pay for it. The Pony Express gave the riders $100 dollars each month.

Each rider had to weigh less than 125 pounds. Larger people were not hired. Riders rode in rain or snow, day or night. They often rode in very dangerous conditions. Mail carriers had to ride very fast. They would change horses every 10-15 miles at a relay station. After 100 miles, a new rider would take over.

The Pony Express did not last long because it had many problems. The people who gave money to get it started did not get much money back. The letters cost too much to send. In 1862, the Pony Express ended. Queen City of the Plains

DENVER INVADED BY SHARKS! Four hundred million years ago, if the city of Denver had existed, that might have been the headline in its newspapers. The area where the city now stands was covered by a huge inland sea. Today, Denver lies 5,280 feet (1,609 meters) above sea level. That’s why one of its nicknames is the “Mile High City.”

Once a rough Colorado mining town, Denver has since become a modern, bustling city of gleaming skyscrapers and green parks. Denver is also a gateway to some of the world’s most majestic scenery – the Rocky Mountains.

The Mile High City is the capital of Colorado. From high atop the golden dome of the capitol building, visitors can see the city’s best view of the Rocky Mountains to the west.
Denver – Karen Spies A Famous Monster

I am a famous monster
who roams from place to place,
renowned by reputation,
though few have seen my face.
My arms and legs are scrawny,
my torso is the same,
my hands are both gigantic,
they're how I've gained my fame.

Unlike my raucous colleagues,
who fill the air with roars,
I'm not by nature noisy,
until I knock on doors.
One knock is quiet sufficient
to make a door collapse ---
I'm called The Knock-Less Monster.
Do I exist? Perhaps! Lost

I cannot find my basketball.
I cannot find my locker.
I cannot find my homework,
which is really quite a shocker.

I cannot find my lunch box.
Worse, I cannot find my classes.
I'm going to have a rotten day
until I find my glasses.
-- Bruce Lansky Oceans
The ocean is an amazing part of our Earth. There are many parts to it and many different types of animals that live in it.

Coral reefs give food and shelter to small animals that live near the top of the water. Coral reefs are warm and usually have plenty of light. Starfish, sea anemones, and clams live here.

The seashore is the part of the ocean most of us know the best. It includes the sand and the tide pools along the rocks. Animals that live on the rocks have special arms and legs that help them hold onto the rocks when the waves crash over them. Other animals, like crabs and some birds, move every time the waves crash back and forth. Smaller animals stay alive by quickly digging holes into the sand.

Many animals and plants live in the open ocean where the waters still have some light. Sharks, fish, turtles, and seals live there.

In the deepest parts of the ocean, it is very cold and completely dark. Some animals that live down there actually create their own light to attract other fish! Chapter 1 - The "Unsinkable" Ship

In the early 1900's, there were no passenger planes. If you wanted to cross a vast ocean, you had to go by sea. Two rival companies running fleets of ships were the Cunard Line and the White Star Line. Both carried mail and passengers between America and Europe. When Cunard introduced two fast new ships, White Star was determined not to be outdone.
Bruce Ismay, White Star boss, commissioned three huge liners with the names to reflect their size - Olympic, Titanic, and Gigantic. Like the new Cunard ships, they would be powered by steam, but they would be 50% bigger and twice as luxurious. From the start, the emphasis was on comfort and safety, not speed. Don't bring camels in the classroom.
Don't bring scorpions to school.
Don't bring rhinos, rats, or reindeer.
Don't bring mice or moose or mule.
Pull your penguin off the playground.
Put your python in a tree.
Place your platypus wherever
you think platypi should be.

Lose your leopard and your lemur.
Leave your llama and your leech.
Take your tiger, toad, and toucan
anywhere but where they teach.

Send your wombat and your weasel
with your wasp and wolverine.
Hide your hedgehog and hyena
where you're sure they won't be seen.

Please get rid of your gorilla.
Please kick out your kangaroo.
No, the teacher didn't mean it
when she called the class a "zoo." Barack Obama, Jr. was born on August 4, 1961, in Hawaii. The name Barack comes from the Arabic and the Swahili words meaning "blessed." Obama's parents were students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa when they first met. His father, Barack Obama, Sr. was from Nyanza Province, Kenya, and his mother, Ann Dunham, was from Wichita, Kansas.

Willard Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 in Detroit, Michigan. He is the youngest of four siblings. His mother, Lenore, was an actress before she married Mitt’s father, George. Although George never graduated from college, he went on to an accomplished career in business and to serve as the Governor of Michigan. His son Mitt would follow with a career in business followed by a focus on politics. Brandon Mull is the author of the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling Beyonders and Fablehaven series. Brandon resides in a happy little valley near the mouth of a canyon with his wife and four children. He spent two years living in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile where he learned Spanish and juggling. He once won a pudding eating contest in the park behind his grandma’s house, earning a gold medal.

I’ve always secretly wanted to write books.
I often kept the desire secret, because I knew that succeeding as a novelist would be a challenge, and I didn’t want people worrying about me or thinking I was crazy. As a kid, I lived in my head a lot, making up adventures, and sometimes sharing my imaginary games with siblings and friends. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always spent a huge portion of my free time daydreaming and making up stories. As I aged, those stories became more elaborate and compelling, and I decided that I wanted to share them with others. That was when I became serious about writing. Used 2012-2013 Did you know that Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holidays? It has gone through many changes, but was originally a Celtic festival called Samhain (pronounced sow-in), marking the end of harvest and the beginning of the new year (November 1st). The druids believed that ghosts and spirits roamed the earth at this time, and they lit bonfires as protection.

When the Romans took over the Celtic lands, they adapted the day to honor their own deities. One of these, Pomona, was the goddess of fruit and trees and was represented by an apple. This may be why we bob for apples at Halloween parties today!

Eventually, the Roman Catholic Church adapted the day as All Saints', or All Hallows', Day, to honor saints who did not have a specific feast day of their own. The name gradually changed to Halloween.

The tradition of trick-or-treating dates to All Souls’ Days parades in England. Villagers gave poor people “soul cakes” in return for prayers for their dead relatives.

In 1920s America, kids began going trick-or-treating in their neighborhoods. By this time, Halloween lost its religious meaning and became a holiday where people could don costumes and become, for one night, something fantastical. It also became an inexpensive way for communities to celebrate together.

Other countries have their own celebrations at this time, but with different meanings. In Mexico people celebrate El Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This is a time to honor and celebrate the dead. Families clean and decorate their relatives' graves, and on the night of November 1, everyone meets at the graveyard. Traditionally, this is the time that spirits are believed to return to the land of the living.

by Adriana Puckett (http://kids.librarypoint.org/halloween_history) A Busy Day
Read the schedule to learn what a typical day might be like for the President of the United States.

6:45 a.m. Wake up, exercise, eat breakfast and read newspapers.
9:00 a.m. Go to work in the Oval Office.
9:40 a.m. Go to a meeting on U.S. security.
10:30 a.m. Go to a meeting with the U.S. Treasury Secretary and other top advisers.
12:30 p.m. Have lunch with the leader of Japan.
2:10 p.m. Go to a ceremony to sign a new law that will help small businesses.
3:00 p.m. Meet with the Secretary of State in the Oval Office to talk about how to help other countries.
5:00 p.m. Meet with reporters.
6:30 p.m. Eat dinner with the family.
8:30 p.m. Respond to letters and do paperwork.
11:30 p.m. Read a book.
12:00 a.m. Go to bed. YOU WILL NEED
A large zucchini
Prepared vegetable dip
Off-white construction paper
Wooden skewers
Clear tape
Carrot sticks and other veggies
1. Cut a long, thin slice off one side of the zucchini to create a flat bottom so the "ship" won't roll.

2. Carve an oval bowl shape into the top of the zucchini and scoop out the insides. Then fill the bowl with dip.

3. Cut sail shapes out of construction paper. Break or cut skewers so they are about 8 inches (20 centimeters) long and tape on the sails. Poke the skewers into the zucchini ship to make masts.

4. Use your Pilgrim ship as a festive centerpiece surrounded by fresh veggies. Set out an extra dish of dip on the side. PILGRIM SHIP
Weathering and Erosion
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