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Lord of the Rings

A response on the third book in the lord of the rings series

wuwu wowo

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings
Return Of the King

Blue=Book 1
Red=Book 2
Green=Book 3
Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry
Leave Hobbinton and the Shire to go on an adventure to destroy the ring.
Aragorn joins them on there journey.
Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, and Gandalf the grey join the company to form the fellowship of the ring.
Boromir dies.
Frodo and Sam leave the fellowship for Mordor and use Gollum as there guide.
run's away.
Merry and Pippin are captured by orcs.
Legolas, Aragon, and Gimli follow in pursuit.
Gandalf "dies".
Tree bread and and army of ents join merry and pippin, now free on a march to destroy Isengard.
Theoden and his army with Legolas,Aragorn, and Gimli set off for helms deep to rescue; and isengard to distroy.
Isengard is distroyed
Aragoron, Merry, Legolas, Pippin, Gandalf, and Gimli leave Isengard with the rest of Theoden's army and they return to Helms deep where Aragorn reunites with the rest of the rangers from the north. All while Pippin and Gandalf with the plantir speed ahead with Shadowflax to Minas Tirith. (If you want to know who/what the rangers are or anybody or place please ask me after the slide ends.
Gandalf and Pippin, riding Shadowflax bolt to Minas Tirtith.
Theoden, Merry, Eomer, and Eyown (in disguise) with the army of Rohan and the help of some ancient wood men (first nations pretty much) travel to Minas Tirith using a mountain path.
A messenger from Minas Tirith asks Theoden for the largest army he can muster and assistance in the siege of Minas Tirith that will soon begin.
Gandalf Turns out to still be alive but he is now Gandalf the white.
Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli leave Edoras for the paths of the dead so they can gather an undead (ghost) army bound by curse to fight Sauron when summoned by a king of Gondor. Aragorn, being a king of Gondor plans to summon the army and use it to defend Minas Tirith.
Aragorn summons the dead and they begin their march along the road to eventually reach Minas Tirith but first to reach a group of southerners ships on the great river to do battle.
Helms Deep
This map is made so you do not have to follow slides but you can roam freely.
Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli with the army of ghosts battle the southerners and win. Aragorn and his army, including Legloas and Gimli go on the ships to Minas Tirith with great speed along the great river.
I would hate to be one of those people. Captured by one side and then by the other.
Minas Tirith
Part 1
In brief: The siege of Minas Tirith is won by the good guys, the king ring wraith dies; and an Army of 7000 men head for the black gate.
(the rest I wrote to memorize what happened and to give a detailed explanation of a large portion of the book. It is not part of my summary)
If you have not guessed it already a lot is going to go down in Minas Tirith. A lot. Pippin and Gandalf Arive in Minas Tirith. After a few days It was reported that Farimir, Denenthors son was killed in battle in Osgiliath trying to defend it from the upcoming Army of Sauron lead by the king Nazgul. The army of Sauron finally arrives at the walled city and a lot of killing happens; the riders of Rohan come, Aragorn and his ghost army come, a bunch of southerners come, Merry And Eoywn kill the king Nazul, and more. By the end of it the combined forces of the riders of Rohan, the undead army, and the men of Minas Tirith saved the city from collapse and failure. During the battle Denenthor tries to burn himself and Farimir But only manages to burn himself because of Gandalf and Pippins intervention. After the Battle Farimir, Merry, and Eoywn are healed from the black riders poison by Aragorn. After the recovery of many people in the siege of Minas Tirith Aragorn holds a debate With Eomer, Prince Imrahih and Gandalf to decide the next move. They decide to march to the black gate with 7000 men to pose as a distraction for Sauron so he does not notice Frodo and Sam in Mordor.
Part 2:
Farimir and Eoywn, recovering in the houses of healing fall in love and decide to marry each other. Aragorn and the rest of the army of men from Ithilien including the hobbits, the dwarf, and the elf arrive at Minas Tirith where many things are raped up and Aragorn and Arwen, Elond's daughter get married as well.
7000 men with some left along the road to defend it head towards the black gate to distract the mighty eye of Sauron.
Black Gate
Mount Doom/ Orodruin
Legolas, Gimli, Eromer, Gandalf, Pippin, And Aragorn Reach the black gate with their army of men and they challenge it to battle. The black gate opens and thousands upon thousands of orcs and men from the east charge the challenging army of Gondor right when the great eagles come to help Gondor.
Once the ring is destroyed the orcs and men of the east retreat, the black gate falls and everybody sees all of Mordor fall.
Frodo is Rescued by Sam from Critith Ungol (with all but 2 of the orcs inside mysteriously dead), and Sam gives the ring back to Frodo But keeps Sting.
Sam and Frodo work there way north in the cover of the morgia with Seamagol on their tail.
Sam and Frodo (with Frodo now becoming overwhelmed with the power of the ring) slowly travel across the morgari and the ash mountains and along a orc path (with a few encounters from orcs who, well kill each other) to make their way ever so closer to Orodruin.
Sam and Frodo make it to Mount Doom (du du duh). After some struggling Sam and Frodo make it to the top of the mountain; and after a fight with Gollum, Gollum falls into Mount Doom with the ring in his hand. Frodo returns to normal and the volcano starts to explode in chorus with the fall of the rest of Mordor. Sam and Frodo are then rescued by the great eagles and taken to Ithilien.
Part 1:
Are Gandalf and the other lords willing to lose their lives along with the lives of 7000 men for the slim chance that they will distract Sauron allowing for the even slimmer chance of Frodo and Sam to destroy the ring? Is there no better option than to sacrifice that many men? Is there some reason why Aragorn disbanded the un-dead army? Because if there was no reason to (other than the plot) Aragorn could have easily put Mordor to ruins with the undead army. (pg:882)
Part 2:
Now that the orcs are restricted to the area around the sea of Nurien will they attempt to rebel? Or will the orcs become more peaceful and slowly become a civilized non-evil race just like the other races of middle earth? (pg:968)
Why is it that when Sauron's representative goes up to Gandalf he asks for so much in exchange for Frodo? They do not know the importance of Frodo nor do they know he was in possession of the ring. Is it because Sauron believes the information the hobbit posses is that valuable? How could one hobbit be worth domination of all of Gondor and Rohan? Also If Frodo regained possession of the ring and Sauron could take it back so easily then why would Sauron need the treaty if he could have the power of the ring? And Since Gandalf is so wise he would know that Frodo nor Sauron has the ring for the same reasons that I just stated; the whole treaty is useless. (pg:891)
If Sam did not know of the watchers presence then how could he have been paralyzed by fear? Does that mean the watchers actually emit a aura of fear? Seems unlikely. (pg:902) Did all the orcs kill each other? If so, why does Sauron not have a system to prevent all his orcs from dieing? Also why did they start killing each other? Was it an argument, or a fight over Frodo's stuff such as the mithril mail. (pg:903)
Big Question
If Sauron loses what will become of the orcs? Genocide, slavery, freedom? I know the orcs are corrupt but what can the good men of the west do to them to not make themselves look evil? If there is a genocide then it will be like the holocaust in WW ll where the nazi killed jews because they thought the jews were evil. (pg:920)
Is Sauron concerned about losing troops to infighting? Or is 10, 100, 1000, or even 10000 troops next to nothing for him? (pg:932)
Are the eagles the reason of the wind blowing away the clouds over Mordor? Is Sam or Frodo going to faint/die trying to scale the mountain? (pg:942)
I believe that J.R.R. Tolkien is trying to demonstrate and show the struggle of Britain in WW ll though the fighting between Mordor and Gondor. I think this because the overwhelming force and weapons of the army of Mordor is similar to how the Nazis had a stronger army and better weapons in WW ll. Also it shows how like in the second world war the bad take a lot of land at the beginning; (Nazi invasion of France and most of Europe) (Sauron's army making it all the way to Minas Tirith) and following the good slowly push back until they win. (D-day, etc...) (The 7000 men going to the black gate and Frodo and Sam destroying the ring) Also in Return of the King Sam and Frodo face hunger and thirst in a similar way to people living in large city's during the war. Because of these reasons I believe that the last installment of the lords of the rings had drawn inspiration, even if minimal from WW ll.
Authors message
Would the beliefs and laws of Gondor be able to exist in our present day lives? I say lives and not world because their is a drastic difference from 1st and 3rd world countries. I will be talking about 1st world countries. In the realm of Gondor there is a King and Steward who inherit the position at birth who create rules and regulations for all of Gondor just like a monarchy. We know that this worked in the medieval times because of history *Ben*, but there is no 1st world country that continues to abide by these rules; completely at least. There are many counties such as Great Britain who have something called a constitutional monarchy. Where there is a King, Queen etc. but there still is some democratic from of government. So in a way the governmental system in Gondor works right now in the real world and It might work completely. Since there is not much in the book at all about government I will move onto beliefs. In Gondor there is no mention of any religious system but it would seem as if there is some level of spirituality because of all the myths and legends of kings long gone and poems of the true king being a healer etc. This one as well exists in our world. In fact many people are spiritual even though they worship no religion. I guess that Gondor is actually very similar to our world.




Man (female)









Sam and Frodo, on the great eagles are flown to Ithilien.
In Ithilien everybody that was once in the fellowship of the ring (excluding Boromir because he died) and Eomer come together again and Aragorn is crowned king of Gondor.
Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gandalf, Farimir, Eoywn, Eomer, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli arrive at Edoras after leaving Minas Tirith to bury Theoden. Eomer, Farimir, and Eoywn stay at Edoras while the rest of the party moves on.
At Helms Deep Legolas and Gimli leave for Fangorn while the rest of the group heads to Isengard.
Legolas and Gimil go to Fangorn.
At Isengard, Treebread let the now crippled in body and mind Saruman go and Gandlaf and Treebread talk. Aragorn stops the journey here.
While what is left of the fellowship walk though Dunland they encounter a wild shiny pokemon! Hmmm? What's that? Oh, they encounter Saruman. But wouldn't it be cool if it was a shiny pokemon; seriously what a plot twist that would be. Saruman verbally spits in their face and walks away with Wormtounge even after he is offered the chance to join the company. The group then continues on their journey.
He dies-->
The group arrives at Revendell and Frodo and Bilbo talk a lot.
Is the new age (4th age) going to be when men slowly inhabit more and more of middle earth until they become the dominate species and eventually transform Middle-Earth using magic or a lot of time into the earth? Gandalf did say it was the age of men. (pg:980)
What does the rest of middle earth look like? Are there lands filled with pokemon beyond the sea, vast forests of Kanto far into the east, victorious underground roads in the north? What? Stop with the pokemon references, fine. Now that the power of the 3 rings is fading what will happen? Did they protect the other species of middle earth from men and their greed? (pg:982)
Is Saruman going to try to destroy/disturb the Shire? Why does Wormtounge stay with Saruman? Gandalf and the company now overpower the crippled Saruman and Wormtounge will get more food and be all around better then with Saruman. (pg:984)
Is Biblo's study made to look like J.R.R. Toklien's (author of book) study? They both have a bunch of unpublished work and they both need their son (Chirstopher Toklien and Frodo) to finish their work. (pg:988)
Pippin, Merry, Gandalf, Sam, and Frodo slowly make their way back to Bree. Frodo feels some pain from the wound that he got at weather top at weather top and the ford.
At Bree the company sees that most houses are boarded up and nobody is out. At the Prancing Pony they learn that thieves and crooks have been ravaging Bree and the country-side since the hobbits left Bree at the start of their journey. Gandalf leaves to go elsewhere and the hobbits leave for the Shire.
In the Shire (which is in and even worse condition than Bree) The 4 hobbits that started the adventure return to where they started quite happy. In the Shire they learn that the Shire has been claimed by a hobbit named Lotho and a man who goes by Sharkey (Saruman). After some rallying and battles against the ruffians the 4 hobbits won a revolution and reclaimed the Shire. Saruman was killed by Wormtounge at the end of it. After a few years the Shire is returning to normal and everybody is happy.
Frodo, and Sam go to the forest to meet Bilbo (who is now older than the old Took), Galadriel and Elrond. They Then make their way to the Grey Havens. Even though Frodo knew about it Sam did not.
Are the people that supported Sauron and Saruman trying to cause trouble in the north? In every empire there are rebels, and after a war you might still support the side that you fought for. Is Aragorn going to try to fix up the roads that connect Gondor together? This would increase trade and it might connect Rohan, Gondor, the Shire and Bree together in one unified trade system. This would be beneficial to all places because in Minas Tirith the pipe-weed is not as good as in the Shire and in Bree the Weaponds are not as good as in Minas Tirith. All sides could benefit greatly from a unified economy. Aonther reason to build the road is that it might make someone try to come up with a more efficient means of transportation such as the train. (pg:992)
Why did Wormtounge wait so long to kill Sarumon? He had many other opportunities that were better than this one where he would not have gotten killed. Did Wormtounge finally decide to kill Sarumon? What would have kept him from coming to that conclusion before? Have the hobbits as a people ever gotten together to work hard and get something done on this large of a scale? Almost all the able hobbits are working hard to repair the Shire to its former glory. The hobbits have never gone to war (all out war at least) and as far as I am aware there have never been any natural disasters.
At the Grey Havens Frodo, Bilbo, Elrond, Galadreil, and Gandalf leave Middle-Earth for the sea. The book ends on this note.
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