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Roisin Molly Cassie Gibson

No description

colleen gilligan

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Roisin Molly Cassie Gibson

Roisin Molly Cassie Gibson Roisin is 12 years old and
is in grade 7. Roisin was born on June
23 in 2000. Roisn has quite a big family. The
people in Roisin's family are: Eilis,
Sinead, Shannon Donny[Dad]
Marina[Mom]. Roisin's favourite colour is
purple and her favourite food is
steak! Roisin's favourite place to be is
the hockey arena! Roisin's favourite subject in
school is Gym! The sports that Roisin play
are: Baseball and Hockey. Roisin's talent is running! Roisin has blue eyes, brown hair
and she also has glasses. Roisin's favourite movie is: Lovely
Bones and her favourite show is
Switched at Birth! Ro Roisin's favourite artist is:
Nicki Minaj! Roisin's favourite animal
is an Elephant! Roisin's favourite store to go to
is H&M! Roisin's favourite NHL player is
Martin Broder off of New Jersey! Roisin has 3 pets. There names are: Gibby, Guinness and O'Malley. The nicknames that I call Roisin are:
Ro and Diana! Roisin's favourite number is 93. Roisin absouloutley dislikes the colour
Orange! But she absoulutley loves Pie! Roisin's best friends are: Kieva, Megan,
Kennedy and Maggie. Also Roisin's favourite
sister is Eilis! If Roisin had a super power it would be
reading minds and Roisin's favourite scent is
Lavendar! Roisin's favourtie drink is
Shirley Temples and Nibs are her favourite candy! Roisin has cousins all around
the world! Roisin's favourite class trip was
going to Canada's Wonderland!
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