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Staffing Plan at Memorial Hospital

No description

Pauline Ochura

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Staffing Plan at Memorial Hospital

Content Outline
Background Information
Scheduling Alternatives Available
HR excursion
Considerations & Constraints
Final Staffing Plan
Background Information
Staffing Plan at:
Mission: Provide quality healthcare
- Maximize customer service
- Minimize costs
- Minimize workforce fluctuations
Cost Information
Full-Time Nurses
Hours/Day Days/Wk Rate





12 5 $18/h
Hiring Cost
Layoff Cost

Part-Time Nurses

Wage Rate


15% of total staff

Alternatives Available
Level Strategy
Chase Strategy
Average Daily Patient Census per Month

-> added costs...
Part-timers' wage at $15/h
Overtime wage at $18/h
Assumptions made for
Final Staffing Plan
Employee period = 160 hours a month
Each regular employee works 48 weeks a year
All wards have to be staffed 24/7
Hiring and layoff costs do not apply to part-time employees
Memorial Hospital...

...is a 265-bed regional health care facility

The director of nursing for Memorial Hospital is...

Her Job is to plan the nurse-staffing levels for the next calendar year
How does each alternative plan meet the objectives of Memorial Hospital?
Darlene Fry
The Nurse Staffing Plan for Memorial Hospital
1. Considerations & Constraints
2. Assumptions
3. Final Staffing Plan
Minimizing workforce fluctuations...
Employees need their vacation...

Elodie Razafinarivo
Pauline Ochura
Tobias Killmeier

Level Strategy Plan
Demand Forecast for January
(110 daily patients x 24hours)/ 8 patients per nurse
=330manhours per day
=10230 hours per month
=64 nurses
(10230workhours per month/160workhours per nurse per month)

Intensive Care:
(13 daily patients x 24hours) / 2 patients per nurse
=156manhours per day
=4836hours per month
=31 nurses

and so on...
Scheduling depends on the internal & external environment of the company
There is no one-size-fits-all solution
HR excursion
Proposed solution
An optimized level plan
that meets managerial implications
and minimizes costs

Choosing a level plan involves a cost-benefit tradeoff
How does the role of the HR manager change according to the different scheduling strategies?
Discussion Question

How should McDonald's schedule its workforce?

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