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Business & Financial Environment Presentation: Audi

Daniel Potts

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of AUDI

Company Profile
Financial Overview &
Domestic Business Environment
International Business Environment
Company Profile

Financial Overview/Projects

Domestic Business Environment

International Business Environment

Report Progress


Report Progression
The Audi Group's revenue rose 6.3% to EUR 39.9 billion in the first 9 months of fiscal 2014, despite volatile and unfavorable exchange rates.

Motorcycle revenue reached EUR 476 million.

Generated revenue of EUR 12.6 billion from July - September, which comprises EUR 12.5 billion for the Automotive segment and EUR 101 million for the Motorcycles segment.
The pre-tax profit for the 9 month period amounted to EUR 4.5 billion. This represents a return on sales before tax of 11.6%.

The after tax figure of net profit came to EUR 3.6 million.

For Jan - Sept '14, the Audi Group posted an operating profit of EUR 3.8 million and a return on sales of 9.7%.
The most modern plant in the worldwide Audi manufacturing network is currently being constructed in San Jose Chiapa, Mexico.

The facility covers an area the size of 560 football fields and will manufacture the next-generation Audi Q5 from 2016.
Audi was one of the most profitable manufacturers in the car industry worldwide in 2013, achieving a return on sales of 10.1, slightly above the target of 8-10%.

Owned by The Volkswagen Group since 1966

Holds participations in various car and motorcycle firms

1909 August Horch founded August Horch Automobilwerke but renamed Audi Automobilwerke after Latin translation.

In 1932, Audi merged with Horch, DKW and Wanderer, to form Auto Union AG. This created the Audi logo.
1934: Audi invents the mid mounted engine which is still standard in today's racing cars.

1980: First rally car to have four wheel drive (Audi Quattro)

1993: The invention of the space frame, a lightweight body frame made out of aluminum.

2006: First diesel car to win the 24-hour race at Le Mans

Corporate Strategy
Become the leading band worldwide in the premium car segment.

Delight customers worldwide by refocusing our four areas of action;
Define innovation
Create experiences
Live responsibility
Shape Audi

Superior financial strength
Continuous growth
Top image position & customer mix
Leaders in innovation
Attractive employer worldwide
Sustainability of products & processes

Audi accumulates billions of pounds worth of international trade annually with over 135 countries.

In 2013, Audi reported over 600,000 new customers.

Global sale figures up by 8.3% due to new A3 saloon and various Q models such as Q3, Q5 and Q7.

In 2013, Audi sold over 1.5 million cars and these countries contributed the most:
- China increased sales of 21.2%
- USA increased sales of 13.5%
- UK increased sales of 14.9%

Origins of Audi

Previous business models

Previous business decisions

Major events
How achievements link with prior business objectives

Changed over time according to their objectives

Changed according to market changes
Different policies and law in countries
Import taxes and tariffs
Government intervention in markets

Taste differences i.e China and bikes
Poor road conditions
Emission control policies
Negative Externalities

Some countries may not be as advanced as Germany

Exchange rate
Key Factors
Interest Rates - 0.05%
Unemployment - 4.9%
Corporation Tax - 29%

Reduce costs efficiently
2 production plants

Operates under EU's Eco Management and Audit Scheme
Plans to reduce emissions
Environmentally cautious in various countries
Business Performance
Germany sales 2012/13

2012 - 263,163

2013 - 250,025

Change: -5.0%

Possible reasons for a reduction in market share and sales
Threat from foreign investment

Increasing competition

Threats of new entrants
How it changes over time

Depends on market structure/competition

Depends on model of car
Finding relatable content i.e figures

Availability of the group

Including all LEPESTC factors
Company Profile/ Finances
Solid basic research
Overview of figures/projects
Constructed plan
Gathered information sources

To do
Section off research
In depth research/start linking sections
Construct separate paragraphs
Critical Evaluation of Analysis Tools
Research of analysis tools
Planned structure
Mind maps
Porters 5 forces

To do
Mind maps for evaluative points
Collect main points
Form paragraphs
International Business Environment
Domestic Business Environment
Planned and structured the report
Researched facts and figures to use as evidence
Partially completed LEPESTC

To do
Complete LEPESTC analysis
Include Porters 5 Forces
SWOT Analysis
Key figures of countries and comparisons
Structure of essay

To do
How Audi established in each country
How Audi can improve their business environment
In-depth analysis of International business environment
Thanks for listening.
Any questions?
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