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Complex Sentences

No description

Neil Marsh

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Complex Sentences

What is a
complex sentence? A dependent clause does not express a complete thought and can NOT stand alone as a sentence. A Dependent clause begins with a subordinating conjunction . (It contains a subject and verb!!)
Ex: when the weather is nice Dependent Clause
An independent clause expresses a complete thought and can stand alone as a sentence.
Ex: I ride my bike to school Independent Clause As
... A dependent clause begins
with a
CONJUNCTION. So what in the world
is a complex sentence? A sentence that
contains an INDEPENDENT
CLAUSE. Let's think of
some examples! First, We need to learn to recognize
the difference between
dependent clauses and independent clauses. 1. Jason took a nap
2. before he left for his friend's house
3. if they could just see eye to eye
4. Paula decided to walk to the store
5. although you may disagree Am I independent or dependent?? Label independent or dependent clause, circle the subordinating conjunction, and underline the subject and verb.
1. when Uncle Jack comes to town
2. before the doctor arrived.
3. ken walked past the cemetery
4.while she was away at camp
5. i wrote Jane a letter
6. dave began to feel better
7. we all have a good time Now you try! 1. When Miss Jones entered the room, we all became quiet.
2. We rang the doorbell until someone answered the door.
3. When i'm tired, I'm not good company for one. Complex Sentence did you notice anything about commas? looking at these sentences when do you think you use a comma with complex sentences? 1. When Uncle Jack comes to town, we all have a good time.
2. I wrote Jane a letter while she was away at camp. Yes, you are correct!!! When a dependent clause comes first, you place a comma after the dependent clause!!! Now, you are ready to label complex sentences! 1. I must stay home until the man comes to repair the washing machine.
2. When the rain began we were playing tennis.
3. Since he completed all his homework he has time to go fishing.
4. Clarence stayed under the cover because he was hiding from Eliza Jane.
5. Unless he finds his library book he will have to pay $20. You are now a complex sentence pro!!!
Keep practicing!!
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