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College Admissions 101 2014

No description

Heather Alexander

on 25 September 2017

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Transcript of College Admissions 101 2014

College Admissions 101
Welcome to Your
Senior Year

College awaits you...
Colleges Will Look At...
Colleges are looking for a well-rounded student...
Can you name the 12 state universities?
Medium State Universities
Large State Universities
University of South Florida - Tampa - 41,344
Florida State University - Tallahassee - 41,477
University of Florida - Gainesville - 49,878
Florida International University - Miami - 52,980
University of Central Florida - Orlando - 59,770
What's the Difference:
Private College vs. Public University
Take a look...
Do you fall within (or close to within) these averages?
Extracurricular activities
Community Service
Work Experience

Application Essay/Personal Statement:
What sets you apart from other applicants?
Discuss unique aspects of yourself...this is how you show the admissions officer who you are as an INDIVIDUAL
Always share your essay with me to review before you submit your application!

Application Submission Options
November 1, 2017
November 1, 2017
Rolling (EARLY!)
Where to get a college application:
On the college website: usually under "Admissions", "Freshman" or "Prospective Students"

Make sure to use the Undergraduate application

Some schools (mostly out of state or private) use the Common Application or the Coalition Application...see me for individual help with the Common App or Coalition App.
You completed the application but you aren't done yet...
1. Order a transcript from the Student Services office...one needs to be sent to each college you apply to.
2. Request a copy of your SAT/ACT scores to be sent to each college you apply to. They MUST come from SAT/ACT directly.
3. Request a recommendation...give your teacher/counselor at least 2 weeks to complete this.
Knowing the Language of Admissions
You've been accepted...CONGRATULATIONS!
You still need to:
Apply for Bright Futures (we'll do this together)
Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA)
Search for Scholarships
Send notification of your decision
Prepare for College Life

Nicole Vaia
College Transition Counselor
Monday - Boone Tuesday - Dr. Phillips
Wednesday - Freedom
Thursday- Jones
7. Currently, what minimum grade point average do you need to be in the upper half of your class?
A. 3.50
B. 3.10
C. 2.90
D. 2.77
B. 3.10
8. If you are not in the upper half of your class you may still be admitted to....
A. 4 year college
B. Community Colleges/ Technical Schools
C. Only community college
D. Both A and B
D. Both A and B
4 year colleges and community colleges/technical schools
Regent Admission Index Formula

(2 x ACT composite score)
(1 x high school rank)
(20 x high school grade-point average)
(5 x number of high school courses completed in the core subject areas)
Score (245 or more)

9. Why should I take a SCC class 2nd semester, especially if I'm not going there?
A. You can earn college credit before you graduate
B. Selected courses are free
C. Counts as one of your 3 blocks
D. All of the above
D. All of the above
You can earn college credit before you graduate, selected courses are free, and it counts as one of your 3 blocks
10. If you have any additional questions, what can you do?
A. Ask a friend
B. Make an appointment with your Counselor
C. Wing it
D. Wait until you get to college
more presentation to come...

Public Universities are often much larger than Private Colleges.
Small State Universities
New College - Sarasota - 793
University of West Florida - Pensacola - 12,679
Florida PolyTech - Lakeland - new
FAMU - Tallahassee - 10,734
Florida Gulf Coast University - Ft. Myers - 14,074
University of North Florida - Jacksonville - 16,258
Florida Atlantic University - Boca Rotan - 30,808

GPA - weighted and recalculated
Rigor of high school coursework (AP,DE)
SAT and ACT scores
Community Service
Participation in school activities
Leadership Roles
Personal Essay (may be required)
Letter of Recommendation (may be required)
Early Action - Apply by the early deadline, before the regular admission deadline.

Early Decision - Apply by the early deadline and receive early notification regarding acceptance, denial or deferment. BINDING!!

Regular Admission - Apply by the regular admission deadline.

Rolling Admission - Decisions are made as applications are received, there is not application deadline. YOU STILL NEED TO APPLY EARLY...DON"T WAIT BECAUSE THERE IS NO DEADLINE!
THE BIG 3...
The College Application Process...
Where do I begin?
Accepted: Offered Admission
Deferred: A students admission decision is moved to a different date
Denial: Most students don't get into every college they apply to. Schedule another visit with the schools that have accepted you...you may view them differently now that they are not your "back up" schools.
Wait listed: Consists of "overflow" students who have not been accepted to the university, but are awaiting an opening for possible enrollment.
Florida Private Colleges and Universities
Private Colleges: Supported by tuition and donations
Public Colleges: Supported mainly by state funds
Who Am I?
Nicole Vaia
College Transition Counselor
College and Career Center
What do I do?
College Admissions
Bridges to Success
Essay Writing/Resume Building
Now what? (Steps after being accepted)
Financial Aid/Scholarships
Open Door (with pass)
Parent meetings
Barry University | Beacon College | Eckerd College
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University | Flagler College
Florida Institute of Technology | Florida Southern College
Jacksonville University | Johnson & Wales University |
Lynn University Northwood University | Nova Southeastern University/ Palm Beach Atlantic University |
Ringling College of Art + Design/ Rollins College | Saint Leo University | Southeastern University
St. Thomas University | Stetson University |
University of Miami/ The University of Tampa |
Warner University
Florida Private Colleges
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