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My Family Tree

No description

cheryl manley

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of My Family Tree

My Family Tree!!!

By Kendra Leslie

My Family Tree
Grand Parents Moms side:
Mother Leona Bojeski
Father Murray Bojeski
My Grandparents were born in Canada they were first ones! My Grandmother was born in Regina and my Grandfather in Hamilton. Their heritage is ukranian. My moms family is from the Ukraine which was part of the USSR. Ukrainian people do Easter eggs that represent harvest health with very complex patterns also known as Pysanka. They are known for food (perogis, cabbage rolls, bortch etc)
Great Grand Parents moms side:
Thomas & Mary Bojeski
Katie and Alex Shotropa
Both of my great grand parents are from Ukraine. My Moms grandparents Katie and Alex moved to Regina, Saskatchewan before the second world war to work on the rail roads. Then they moved to Hamilton Ontario to work on the steel mills. My Grandfathers parents left Ukraine about the same time and also came to Hamilton to work in Steel Mills. Ukraine was very poor and work was not there so they had to leave to find jobs in Canada.
My Generation
Kendra, that's me, my brother Cameron, my sister Alicia we were all born in the GTA Area. We are the third generation !
Dads Side
Grand Parents:
Mother: Judy White born in Toronto
Father: Bill Leslie born in Toronto
Both Canadian.
Great Grand Parents
Great Grand Mother
Louis Cumberland and George Purchase

My Great Grandmother was born in New Brunswick. And my Great Grandfather was born in New Found Land,Labrador.
Even though they were both Canadian my dads side can be traced back to Great Britain!
My Mother
My mother is CortneyLeslie. Born in Hamilton, Ontario
My Father
My father is Jason Leslie born in Toronto,Ontario
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