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How To: Edmodo

An introduction to creating your Edmodo account and its functions.

Chinh Ngo

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of How To: Edmodo

How to: Edmodo 1. Creating your account
2. Editing your account
3. Creating your classroom
4. Student Accounts
5. Post Functions
10. Library
11. Parent Accounts
12. Additional tools and tutorials Creating
account Go to edmodo.com.
Click on "I'm a Teacher. Fill out
form. Editing
account This is your profile homepage. Click on
"Account" (in the upper right hand corner),
then "Settings" to edit your profile information. You can change your
profile picture here by
selecting one of Edmodo's
icons or uploading an
image from your computer. Make sure to edit your "School" location. Your personal
and password
can be adjusted
here. Creating
classroom Go back to your profile homepage. Click
group. Fill out
form. Here is your classroom/group page. Please note that the name of the class is next to your profile picture and that all your classes can be accessed under the "Groups" heading. Here is the "Group Code" for
this particular class. Your students
will need this code in order to
create an account and join your
Note that this is a drop-down bar in
which there will be two options.
"Reset" will give you a new code.
"Lock" will privatize the class, ensuring
no one else can gain access. Creating
a student
account. Here is a video detailing the steps. Post
Functions Like Facebook, Edmodo contains several
ways to stay in touch. The first is the Note. Write the message.

Attach whatever you like.

You can send the message to a single
person or several (like your entire class). The Alert functions like the Note, with the exception that it will stay under your student's
"Notifications" (located in the upper right hand corner) until otherwise deleted. Useful for posting
due dates, field trips, and other pertinent or time-
sensitive information. During the course of me making
this tutorial, Edmodo updated their
website as well as lay-out. (I'm sure
there's some chestnut here about how
technology changes in the blink of an
eye.) Anyway, the core functions remain
the same. But they did add new features
which I'll detail subsequently. Next on the post function is the Assignment, one of most useful tools on Edmodo. You can either create the assignment by adding a title and description, or you can load an assignment after uploading it into your Library. The due date can be set and attachments can be added. Next add the recipients. Finally, you can choose to send it out now, or to schedule it for a later date at which time Edmodo will automatically send the assignment out. After it is sent, the assignment will appear on your profile. You can then see which of your students have turned it in, as well as grade their responses. (The video will show you how.) Quizzes are next, and like assignments they can be
created on the spot or uploaded from your library. How to create a quiz. How to take a quiz. How to grade a quiz. The last of the post functions is Poll. Create opinion-based questions and answers and gauge
your students' responses. Library This is your Library page (accessible by
clicking the stack of books icon at the very
top). This toolbar allows you to check the
contents of your Library. "Attached to
Posts" filter the results to those items
you have included in your messages,
quizzes, assignments, etc. You can
also link your Google Documents to
Emodo (and vice versa). Click on "Add to Library"
to upload content. You can either upload a file from your computer, or add/embed a URL. Parent
Accounts Edmodo allows parents to log in and keep track
of their child's class activities and progress. The video below will guide you through the steps of creating a parent account. Additional
Tutorials Keep track of your events, assignments, and quizzes with Edmodo's Planner. The Progress function allows you to access a composite look of all your students in all your classes. You can also create and hand out badges (fancy gold stars). Spice up your Edmodo account with Apps, ranging from educational games to avatar creators. Some of them are free; most of them are not. Here are some links to other Edmodo guides:

https://edmodo.mediacore.tv/ - A library of Edmodo informational videos.

http://help.edmodo.com/ - A large database of tips, tricks, and general assistance. Very useful.

http://blog.edmodo.com/ - Keep up with Edmodo's progress by following their blog. They frequently post articles about inventive uses of their program. Thank you for your kind
attention. If you have any
questions, email me at:
cngo@dotrust.org. (Or catch
me in the hall!)
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