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Graphic Organizers: Simple tools that make a BIG difference

Teacher training presentation for EFL teachers

Jennifer Herrin

on 11 September 2011

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Transcript of Graphic Organizers: Simple tools that make a BIG difference

Timelines Charts/tables Organizational
charts Conclusion use GOs! comparative hierarchical Mind maps Jennifer Herrin
Senior English Language Fellow,
U.S. Department of State They are visual representations of knowledge, concepts, thoughts, or ideas. Graphic Organizers are used to organize bits of data in easy-to-understand formats, such as charts, tables, and graphs. What are GOs? Myth #1:
They are just for fun ESLJen@gmail.com (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr – wikipedia.com Myths About GOs NOT TRUE! The human mind naturally organizes and stores information (Piaget, 1974) - graphic organizers act as visualizations of mental storage systems Myth #2:
They are just for kids NOT TRUE! Business plans use them Myth #3: They are just
for remedial work NOT TRUE! Textbook publishers are now using them throughout university level textbooks English for
Environmental Science Lee, R. English for Environmental Science, Garnet, Reading, 2009. Educational
Institutions Use GOs to
transition to more: Listening
Writing diagrams Let's get started! Form groups of 4-5
Look at Table A-1
Ask your colleagues questions in order to complete the table Survey What are some advantages and disadvantages of GOs? Baxendell 2008 Family Tree Academic Writing Samples Baxendell 2008 Graphic Organizers are
simple tools that make Listen to fill in the Hierarchical Chart Keys to The effective Use of GOs Read the text and take
notes of the main events A short history of Mind mapping Graphic organizers:
Simple tools that make
a BIG difference! Mind Map Write some ways
that you will
use GOs Write a short paragraph
using your mind map ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Why are GOs Useful? Clarify information
Create focus; organize thoughts
They are motivating; relieve boredom
Give Ss a sense of completion
Facilitate comprehension and recall
Appeal to visual learning modality
Can improve learning strategies
Increase natural repetition
Save time; easy to reproduce
Integrate the 4 skills
Can be used later for different activities
Can be used for assessment and feedback
Help make the abstract more concrete BIG Share your paragraph
with a small group http://goo.gl/ydtng
Access the handout and other articles
online at: a difference! Also, feel free to add the paragraphs you just wrote
in the comments section! Use GOs to
initiate: Listening
Writing Remember: Continuums Interview your colleagues sequential T-Chart
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